Saturday, May 17, 2014

Offical Ellie Week: Day 4

I'm sorry I skipped yesterday! Ellie had a sleepover and I forgot about it! By the way, thank you for all the nice comments. Ellie and I really appreciate it.

Tonight's topic is: What Ellie likes. Like me, Ellie is a music freak. Not as big as I am, but still. So this is mostly going to be pictures of her favorite group. (She has more favorite groups than singers.) So here we go.

First, Cimorelli, They're a sister group who mostly do covers and is probably her favorite pop group. Ellie's been obsessed with them since I downloaded a free song from them that I heard on the radio.

Most of all, her favorite band is a Christian group called Royal Tailor. At first, she didn't like after seeing them at a Britt Nicole concert. After finding more about them though, she saw how awesome they are and they have been her favorite band ever since. Just goes to show you that first impressions aren't always reliable.

Another one of her favorite groups is the Gardiner Sisters. They are another group of sisters that she discovered on Youtube.

A singer from our favorite X Factor group is named Camilla from Fifth Harmony. She is an amazing, very interesting girl who shows Ellie that it's okay to be crazy.

Ever since watching the Lord of the Rings, she loves Legolas, the amazing elf who never misses a shot. (Even I can't blame her.) If you haven't heard of Legolas (I pity you if you haven't), just think of him as the most awesome thing you know of multiplied by ten thousand. My brother, Ellie, and I both agree that all the Avengers combined still isn't more awesome than Legolas.

Along with that, here's some other random things that she's crazy about.

Tomorrow is the last day of Ellie week. I hope you've enjoyed the posts. As you can see, Ellie is an awesome and crazy person. Thank you for reading this series of posts. The things that she likes has changed from last year. Well, a little bit.
Thank you for reading!



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