Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Minutes Challenge

Here's my entry of Monday Minutes Challenge, using the dialogue: You have one chance to make your decision. What's it going to be?" (298 words)

At the sight of my friend attacking Colton, I freeze. Hayden was fierce, but she wasn’t unjust. As she kicked him, he cried out.

The blood running down his cheek pulls me into reality. I get up and tug at her. “Stop! He’s not what you think!”

“Get off me!” she scream, shoving me backward. “You don’t know who he is!”

I barely manage to keep my footing. Once again, I charge. “You’re insane!”

In a flash, her eyes bore into mine. “I’m insane? If you knew who he was, you wouldn’t protest!” She places her hand on the stone wall, breathing heavily. “Why do you care anyway?


Her voice softens. “We’ll talk about this later. Let’s get out of here before they come.”

I look in Colton’s direction. He shakes in his corner, meeting my gaze. The blood is drying now, making a stain on his pale face.

I can’t hear his voice, just read his lips. “It’s okay. Just go.”

“Prescott! Get over here! We’re leaving, remember?” Now at the doorway, she stomps her foot and points to the exit.

“We have to take him,” I insist. “You don’t know what they’re doing to him here.”

“Absolutely not.” She steps towards me.

He captures my attention once again. “I’m not leaving without him.”

Rough hands grab shoulders, forcing me to meet her gaze. “I risked my life to save you. Either you leave him or I’m leaving!”


"You have one chance to make your decision. What's it going to be?" she hollers. “They’re coming!”

 My head jerks backward, seeing him. I recall her words. No. She was wrong. I promised myself I’d save him. Right now, his scars and trembling hands pain me more than ever before.

“I’m not leaving without him.”
Hope you like it!
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