Monday, May 19, 2014

My birthday!

Hey everyone! Thanks for all birthday wishes and sweet comments. They made my day! Well... I wanted to write a little about how my birthday went. First, I wanna say IT WAS AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY!

For my birthday I got the "Percy Jackson" series, some shampoo and conditioner, a hair brush (which by the way works really good), a nice pair of shoes/sandals, frozen (the movie), A big ball, soccer ball, tennis balls, candy, sunglasses, bows, rainbow loom kit, nail polish, makeup bag, headbands, cool spoons gift card, duck tape:), and a purse. It's a long list of blessings God gave me! I thank him for great friends and family who spent money to get me these things.

 I also had a sleepover! My cousin came, my friend from basketball came, and my friend from church came! It was an awesome time! We had brownies! We played life which I didn't win, but I was only 100,000 away from winning. Bummer! Anyway, I just had a great time! Yes it was hard to say goodbye!

Closing up, I want to say thank you all of you for making it a great birthday! I'm finally 12 now! Yay! Hope you all have a great week! Stay in there!

Peace and Love,
                           - Ellie


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In Christ,