Thursday, May 28, 2015

Something In Between

IRecently, I've found a new adoration for musicals. . This week, I finally a got hold of Disney's Into The Woods, the musical combining all sorts of fairy tale characters. You can imagine my excitement. Only this musical was different than movies like Frozen. Instead of a few songs here in there, Into The Woods barely had a spoken word. Everyone sang.

Unlike most Disney films, this one did not have your typical "happily ever after." That was what bothered me about the ending. Because it was more like real life than anything.

Near the end, Cinderella talks to her prince. He pleads with her to go back with him, but she  says, "My father's house was a nightmare. Your palace was a dream. I think I want something in between."

Her statement reminded me of how narrow-minded we can be. We see fairy tales and write them off as stupid. After all, real life doesn't work out that way. We either hope things will go right or expect them to go wrong. We are either optimistic or pessimistic. Sometimes there can be faults in both views.

But as I learn, the more I see that life isn't like that. It's not a fairy-tale, where someone will always come to rescue. At the same time though, it's not a terrible roller coaster ride. Instead... it's something in between.

Because the truth is---few things are black and write. Even the seemingly best people have dark secrets. The meanest bullies can have a good side. Everything is mixed up, light and darkness all in one. We are forced to fit the puzzle pieces together the best we can.

What we must realize is that we do not choose what is right and wrong. One Into The Woods song has a line that irked me, "You decide what's right. You decide what's good."

That is not the case. Right and wrong is beyond us. Someone greater has already decided what is right and wrong. We can only decide which one we will do. If we will stand up for the innocent or take advantage of them. If we will protect something valuable or steal it. If we will lie or tell the truth. That is what we can choose.

Yes, life is not always simple. Only God is completely right. Everything else is a twisted mixture. But it is possible to figure out what is right and wrong. No one controls us. We can decide for ourselves to do right or wrong.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Beautiful Words #7

And every time I fall, I'll hear those who will call me a mistake. But that's okay. 'Cause I hear a voice and it calls me redeemed when others say I'll never be enough. And greater is the one living inside of me than he who is living in the world- MercyMe "Greater"

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm Not Angry Anymore

I'm not angry anymore.
For a long time, I was angry. I was mad at someone.
Someone I loved.
Someone who hurt me.
Someone who I finally forgave.
Looking back at it now, it was mostly my fault.
I was bitter. I was haunted.
But now, I'm finally free.
Free from the pain that I held close to my heart,.
My chest doesn't harden whenever I think about the memories.
I don't close my eyes and picture it with dread.
Talking comes naturally now.
Now I laugh harder, smile more.
I never showed my anger. I kept it in the best I could.
Now I have nothing to hide.
Because the anger is gone.
It wasn't me.
It was God.
He showed me what I needed to do.
What I couldn't do.
And He did it for me.
He forgives me more than anyone.
Somehow, with Him, I've managed to forgive through His example.
I'm happy now, happier than I've ever been.
Even though things have changed.
For years, I held it in,
The pain, the bitterness, and anger.
Everything it comes back to haunt me,
I fight against it.
Because I know now,
How much better I am without it.
But again, it wasn't me.
It was God.
And I praise Him for it.
Finally, I see it for myself.
How much better it is...
That I'm not angry anymore.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why Ultron Concerns Me

Yes, this post is about Age of Ultron. No, this is not a "saw it and died from feels" post. The sad fact is, though my love for Marvel is strong, I have not seen this movie yet. But at the same time, I would like to write a few thoughts down.

The plotline of the Avengers' sequel is about Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) messing things up. In order to protect the world, he creates a invincible mega robot, Ultron, who rebels against Stark and comes up with the genius plan to destroy the human race. Typical, perhaps, but with a twist. Though Ultronmight be made of metal, this villain talks a lot... and he does a few haunting speeches.

According to a review I read, Ultron, quotes Scripture while preceding ultimate destruction on the world. "On this church, I will build my rock," he says, copying off Jesus himself. During the movie, there are a few more mentions to the church and other spiritual things, most of them said by the big bad guy---Ultron.

When I first read the review, I thought, "Good. They're making a good villain by making him hauntingly disturbing and thoughtful. At least he's not a mindless hunk of metal." It interests me to see the motives of villains and it often adds meaningful layers to the plot. But my opinion has changed since then.

That Sunday, an old friend preached at our church. He made a interesting point during his sermon.. He said that Christianity will not only be seen as stupid, wrong, and silly. Going on, he claimed that the world will someday see Christianity as... evil.

It was difficult to understand. Evil, really? I know that some people think God is unfair and unloving, but evil seemed a little extreme. But then I recalled that sickening metal machine who had a way with words. And the pieces started to come together.

The culture is gradually becoming so twisted that they are starting to see Jesus as not only unwise, but evil as well. As much as we would like to change it, our world is only plunging further into darkness. We might not notice everything, but the signs are there all the same. I believe Ultron is one of them.

Now, don't get me wrong. I do not criticize anyone who saw this movie. In fact, I'll watch it when it comes out on DVD, at least. I love the messages of bravery, friendship, and forgiveness that the movie promotes. But I still think this is something we should be aware of. I have heard nothing but praise about Age of Ultron, from many Christian friends.

Most all entertainment these days, not excluding Marvel, is somewhat twisted. We need cling fast to our message of salvation in Jesus. It is a difficult thing to do, especially for our hearts. So it's a wonderful thing that we have Jesus to help us do that.

So have you seen Age of Ultron? What did you think of the movie? Please comment and tell me about it!

P.S Recently, I got an honorable mention for a local poetry contest for my poem, "Head in the Clouds." You might not remember it, but I posted it last year and got a lot of encouraging feedback. I wanted to thank all of you for your encouragement. It helps me greatly:)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Little Story: Part 1

If you have followed this blog for a long time, you might have noticed the fact that though I claim to be a fiction writer, I never post any fiction. I'm not entirely sure why this is. I suppose I never think my stories are good enough to be published, but it seems that I finally settled on something. This is an idea I have yet to write as a novel, but I put it short story form. I haven't settled on a title yet, but it's a fairy-tale retelling. Hope you like it!

There was once a young girl who had lived with monsters for as long as she could remember. These monsters were bloodthirsty, selfish creatures, but there were only visible to her. No one came to her aid because no one could see the monsters, expect for the troubled girl.

 Every year, they tormented her, sucking the life out of her young soul. Yet, she knew not what to do. The beasts were too strong for her to conquer; yet, she could find no one who cared enough to come to her rescue. So as the years passed, she lived in a sick cycle and learned to live with the pain. It was not a happy life, but it was hers. And she searched, but she found no way out of it.

The ache wore down on her, but one year she met a boy. At first, she feared him, but he played with her. He seemed to understand pain, but he did not let it bother him. He ran freely among the trees, yet fully aware of the peril around him. He fascinated her and her guards slowly came down. They spent hours together each week. Every time the girl parted from him, she feared that he would not come back.  But each time, he found her again. The monsters still haunted her, but she finally possessed a small bit of hope.

As the years went by, the girl and the boy became closer. One day, he saw her for who she was—a prisoner, trapped by the monsters. That was when he the truth, as she did with him. He told her that he was a prince of a powerful kingdom and that he could rescue her from the beasts. Holding out his hand, he asked the girl to run away with him—to flee to his palace, where no one would ever hurt her again. She knew this was what she had been waiting for.

It seemed too good to be true. And truthfully, it was, though she did not know. Scarred and haunted, the girl took the boy’s hand, ready to be free from the pain. The prince out of her dreams took her to his palace. She ignored her doubts and fears, knowing that the monsters were finally gone from her life.

If only she knew that she had just ran away with one.
Do you like it?