Monday, November 25, 2013

Music Review Monday #11: Midnight Memories (1D)

This is weird, doing this again, especially after a two week break from music reviews. But here I am, once again, taking on One Direction.

Being put together by Simon Cowell himself, this British boy band is the biggest boy band. Their third album in two years is taking a different direction, a different style direction. Instead of fully pop, this album is a little more rock.

In these songs, they are messages about commitment, love, and comforting messages about never forgetting where you truly belong. That's a good thing.

But unfortunately, this album is a little more on the sexual side. That's a bad thing.

In this review, I'll refer to the singers in mostly plural form, but the voice of the song is only one guy, if you know what I mean.

Wholesome Content

The only love song that doesn't really talk about a girl is 'Don't Forget Where You Belong.' The song is a comfort to the people who are struggling with their life, by reminding that they aren't alone and that home is a place where they will always belong. "Don't forget where you belong, home/If you ever feel alone, don't... made a lot of changes... but I know/The moon will be rising back home." 'Story of My Life' resents living in the past and nearly moves on from something that is hopeless, even though it hurts.

They promises a girl that they'll love her forever in 'Diana.' They sing how much she really means to them in a sweet hope. "I don't think you even realize/You'll be saving mine." Even though other love fails, they assure the girl that they'll be together forever. "We don't wanna be like them/We'll make it to the end." (You and I) Now matter what comes their way, a couple will always find each other in 'Through the Dark', even though their relationship might be a mess. "When the night is coming down on you/We'll find a way through the dark."

'Best Song Ever' is a decently clean song about a best night and song, just because the singer got to spend it with a very special girl. Though some songs by other music artists talk about being independent, 'Strong' tells us it's okay not to be that way. "I'm sorry if I say, 'I need you.'/But it's okay/I'm not scared of love.... Is it so wrong/To say you make me strong?"  In 'Half A Heart', the singer, again, resents the past, and decides to start again with a girl that he confesses, 'is the other half of him.'

A sweet love song defines 'Better Than Words.'  Though everything might be perfect, the guys wish for that final piece to their life. (Right Now)

Unacceptable Content

'You and I' goes a little too far with the promise. "Nothing can come between you and I/Even the gods above can't separate the two of us."

 'Midnight Memories' is more than just suggestive to the idea of sex. It begins: "Straight off the plane to a new hotel... maybe I'm wrong/But I do what I please." Even though they knows nothing is permanent it feels good, so they presses on.  "I know nothing makes sense/For tonight, let's just pretend/I don't wanna stop so give me more." Another song speaks of sex directly. "You say we're better off together in our bed." (Something Great)

Even though the girl wants to take it slow, they beg her into running away with they in 'Why Don't We Go There?' Though they don't want the girl to be 'the one that got away', they wants to get addicted to her. "I wanna get addicted to you, girl." Looking like a good song,  it is clear in 'Happily'  that this girl is with another guy. "It's 4am and I know you're with him/I wonder if he knows I touched your skin."

Stealing another guy's girl  is the subject in 'Does He Know?' "Does he know you're out and I want you so bad/Does he know you're mine tonight?" They think the girl lies about her virginity in 'Little White Lies." On top of that, they won't follow her rules when it comes to sexual content. You wanna make some rules/Cool, then we'll watch them break."

Why all this sexual stuff, you ask? The answer is in one of the last tracks, 'Alive.' It's a story about a guy who struggles with commitment issues. "I don't know why I want to be with every girl I meet." He goes to the doctor, but later that night, does it again. Then comes the untruth that it doesn't matter if what's right or wrong or how long it lasts. "Don't look back/Live your life/Even if it's just for tonight/I said, 'Hey it's alright/If it makes you feel alive."

As far as profanity goes, 'Midnight Memories' hints at the s word twice by saying 'sh.'


This album is full of the 'two is better than one' theory. That's a good thing. Many of these songs have more than decent messages about love and needing someone else to go on. Unlike other artists, they sing about the good part of love and what happens when you play it right.

But, furthermore, some of these songs are inexcusable. 'Happily' would've been a great song if it didn't involved another guy. That's what it's becoming, songs about jealousy and cheating. The most twist song of all, though, is 'Alive.'

Think about this. Getting drunk might make a person feel 'alive', but is that right? Having sex outside of marriage might make somebody feel alive too, but is it right? Compared to our definition of 'alive, there's is disappointing.

When I wrote down the good and bad songs in two different categories, it evened out, but unfortunately, the bad outweighs the good. I will mention that these guys did write a lot of these songs. It might be rock in some ways, but it still has the pop roots over the previous albums. Through the good in this album, is, in my opinion, better than previous albums, it's not worth it. These songs are just suggestive towards the idea. It's more than that. If they think that way or not, they're still influencing tons of teen girls. They're encouraging them to lose their purity by singing these songs, no matter what the case.

"It doesn't make sense," Harry sings in the title track.

You're right, Harry. It doesn't. It might make you feel alive, but it's not right at the least. It will never satisy you either.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

'Best Cover Ever'

This is the best cover ever. I love these guys. They're so sweet!

This song is sweet!!


Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Shocking Truth of Eating Disorders

Have you ever went into the faze when you stare at yourself in mirror, picture all the supermodels or your friends who you think are smaller than you and decide you need to lose some weight?

I have. I think every girl does at some point in their life. My 'faze' only lasted for less than few weeks, but I have felt that way. Everyone have different ways to lose weight. I decided to run around my room for awhile. At the time, I didn't feel like going outside. I also stopped eating as much. I skipped lunch and breakfast, but I didn't have it that bad. It's not just girls either, but I'll get to that.

But there are some girls who have it really bad. You probably have heard of eating disorders. Girls who have them starve themselves or eat a lot and then throw it up. It's called anorexia and bulimia. Some girls have it combined. When starving themselves doesn't work, they resolved the binge eating and then purging. That's eating a lot very fast to the point where you can't taste some of it and then throwing it up.

I heard of eating disorders a few years ago when I heard Demi Lovato's story.  I had a idea of what it was, but I still wasn't sure. My friend told me about it and I did more research, but I didn't realize the seriousness of it till later. I watched a video about a girl's anorexic story. When she finally got help, they said she only had three days to live. There was pictures too. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was almost unreal.

They are some people who actually die from this. It's so sad, yet real. In some cases, it only start with just comment about a girl's weight. As Harry Style once said, one little thing that might have been meant as a joke can lead to a girl starving herself, which can lead to death.

Awhile after watching that video, I read a part of an article from a mom whose nine-year-old  was anorexia. What's more shocking is that these people aren't just teens. 10% of people suffering with anorexia are under 10. That's still a small number, but can imagine a seven-year-old starving herself?

Why am I writing about this? Well, God reminded me of the seriousness of this week. Awhile ago, I wrote a fictional story about a boy with anorexia. I didn't really make him a boy for a special reason. It was  because he was my main character and it sounded like something he would do. Eventually, I started thinking about it from a more 'realistic' perspective. Guys don't have eating disorders,  I thought. I knew that they were some guys who went through this, but it was rare, wasn't it? Besides, even if a guy does go through it, it must be much different and less severe than when a girl goes through it. This is totally unrealistic.

Boy, was I wrong.

God confirmed this to me last week. I never changed the story though, and I'm glad I didn't. Last Tuesday, I had an opportunity to watch TV. I turned on a talk show just to see what celebrity was going to be a guest. Happily , Demi Lovato was going to be on the Katie Show. I was happy that I could watch it, but she was coming on later. I watched the show.

What should be on but a special story about guys with eating disorders. She actually had a fourteen-ear-old guy talking about his experiences . He said it began at age 10. He was starving himself and throwing up too. She actually had three guys on the show with eating disorders. One said it started with a doctor saying he was a little overweight. Another guy was older and he said he got over it after over twenty years. The saddest part of it was when she had a mom on there. She told the story of her son who died from eating disorders.

I feel tears coming on as I write this because this is reality. It's real and it's terrible. I really feel like God wanted to me to see that because, like what I said before, we don't get out on Tuesdays. If my brother hadn't had that dentist appointment, I wouldn't have thought to turn the TV on. I never would've saw that.

So I'm writing this post to raise awareness for this horrible disease. If you have a friend or you think you might be struggling with it yourself, I beg you to get help. Because like what I said, this is serious. It's only going to get worse if someone doesn't step out. So please think about what I'm saying.

Thank you for reading!

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Best Music of 2013 (in my opinion)

Instead of doing a music review, once again I'm taking a break because for some reason, I don't feel inspired. So instead of doing that, I thought I'd post some favorite 2013 songs since it's coming close to the end of the year. It's hard to believe.

Wonderfully, I have a lot of favorites from this year. I'm just going to post a lot of things, not in order by importance. I'm just going to post it and say something about why I like it.

Of course, this song is one of the most beautiful of the year and in all time history! It's so sweet and loving. Taylor sounds amazing, and Ed Sheeran's voice is so soft and beautiful! I love his style of music so this song is definitely a favorite from the new album!

This song was surprisingly my favorite Katy Perry song of all time! The first verse relates to me so much and the triumphant sound of it is great. Definitely Katy at her best, and one of the best songs of all time.

Britt Nicole is my favorite Christian artist. Christian music can't compare to secular. This song is so inspiring and I LOVE Lecrae. I'm hoping there will be a music video.

Okay, their whole album is so awesome, but this is my favorite. It has a unique message about being original that is totally awesome. It's really catchy too:) Go listen to their album! You will not be disappointed!

After listening to this song, no one can question that Demi Lovato is one of the best vocalist of all time! Apart from having a honest message about falling in love, this song has a great beat and is very clean.

I'm posting this song because I'm so proud of this group. I followed their time on the X Factor. Everyone doubted them, but they came out standing strong and have great messages about self respect.
There's nothing really special about this song, but its very catchy and cleaner than most of their songs. The music video is definitely my favorite of this year. If you haven't seen it, you need to. It's hilarious.

I know it's kind of weird of me to post another Taylor Swift song, but this song is so inspiring. It's not really a typical love song, which makes it unique. It was based on a true story too.

I'm closing out with this song because the first time I heard it, I came to tears, which is a little unusual for me. Every time I hear it I want to cry because it's so beautiful. I don't really like this artist, but she did a great job on the vocals. Until you've read the Hunger Games book can you really appreciate the song, but it's still a amazing song.

This post is a little long, but I love music. That's why.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Wrestling with God... and winning?

It's occurred to me that I haven't posted about some spiritual in awhile. So I'm going to post about something I've been thinking about. And Jacob was left alone. And a man wrestled with him until the breaking of the day.
When the man saw that he did not prevail against Jacob, he touched his hip socket, and Jacob's hip was put out of joint as he wrestled with him.   Then he said, "Let me go, for the day has broken." But Jacob said, "I will not let you go unless you bless me." And he said to him, "What is your name?" And he said, "Jacob." Then he said, "Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with God and with men, and have prevailed." (Genesis 32:24-28)
You might have heard this story before, how God renamed Jacob to Israel. It never made much sense to me. I mean, wrestling with God and winning? How could anyone wrestle with God and win? It's just confusing.

But then I started thinking about the decades and centuries after that, after Jacob died. God called the Israelites out of slavery, but after that, they did a lot of things wrong. They complained when God gave them food. They continually disobeyed Him and didn't trusted Him. Again and again, they would forget God and give their lives to worthless and unsatisfying things. That's why God called the prophets.

These are the people that wrestled with God and won. It made no sense. Until I began to think.

In a way, they did prevail. Because no matter how many terrible things they did to Him, He never could let them go. He contemplated forgetting them and killing them because of the terrible things they did to him, like when they made the Golden Calf. He had to every right to, of course. He had brought them out of slavery and they made a idol when Moses wasn't watching! It's a wonder God didn't punished and forget them.

Yet, He didn't. He went on and on about how mad he was at them and how horrible they were to Him. He had every right to. He let Babylon attack them. But He never did forget them. He loved them when they hated Him. He was faithful when they weren't. Even when God decided to hand them over to Babylon, He still said that He would bring them back again.

So Israel did  wrestle with God, and in a way, Isreal did win because though God wanted to, He could never let go of His people. Still, He continues to be faithful to us even when we're not. It was His example which lead the prophet, Hosea, to be faithful to his wife, who cheated on him.

God's love prevails over all and it's just amazing to think about it. I feel great whenever I think of Jacob or Israel because I've reminded of God's amazing love towards the people of Israel and to me.

"I will heal their apostasy. I will love them freely for my anger has turned from them.... they shall return and dwell beneath my shadow." (Hosea)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Emmy from the blog My Journal did a post on ten random things about you, and she tagged me so THANKS Emmy!!


1. I LOVE writing fiction and plan to hopefully publish a book or two when I get older.

2. I am literally obsessed with Taylor Swift and have memorized the lyrics to almost all of her songs and watched all her tours on Youtube.

3. I just got a Instagram with my two very good friends: my awesome friend Mila and my closest friend ever, my sister, Ellie.\

 4. Ever since my dad got a hymn jazz CD, I've realized how cool jazz is. Since then, we have had quite a few jazz dance parties.

5. My dad has a 'knack' for nicknames and because of it, my nicknames are the funniest (may I mention embarrassing) in the world.

6. About three years ago, I did a spelling test on the fifty states. I misspelled one, the one I live in!

7.  Lately, my family has been watching Pride and Prejudice and love that time period.

8. Apart from music, I love reading and am obsessed with the amazing Hunger Games series.

9. I have a awesome pen-pal, who I met through a maginize a long time ago and am still writing to her today.

10. I got teary eyed when I listened to 'All Too Well' by Taylor Swift.

                        1. Put the name of the blog that tagged you on post
                         2. Write 10 things about you
                        3. Tag as many friends as you want
                        4. Have fun!!!


1. I love colorful socks
2. When i'm bored I make funny faces or talk in different ways
3. I can call myself weird but people other than myself can't call me weird
4.I'm good at thumb war
5. I can talk to you all day about Royal Tailor and converse!!
6. I always get my family to play games!
7. I LOVE taking pictures of ME!
8. I long for a minion suite!
9. I call myself a hobbit if I go outside with bare feet
10. I have a pencil holder that a cheeseburger!

                                                           I tag:

Thanks again, Emmy! Have fun everyone!

Sarah and Ellie:)

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Views on Music

Instead of posting a music review, I would like to explain how I do music reviews. I've realized I haven't really clarified how I criticize music.

The last music review got a lot of feedback, which is totally awesome:) I realize some of you lovely readers didn't agree with my points. I want to let you know that I respect your opinions and I'm glad you shared them with me because you did make me think about some stuff.

Now I want you to know I really do  like One Direction. What I pointed out is pretty much the only thing I dislike about them. The reason they're not my favorites is because I just like girl singers better than guys. But I want you to know I didn't criticize them just because they're not my favorites.  Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato are some of my favorite artists and I call them out about this.

The profanity in songs is what I dislike them most. (Thankfully, so far, One Direction is innocent of this) I mean, it doesn't really surprise me when a artist has some suggestive songs about sex because it's so typical. I can honestly say I don't know of a artist that doesn't have suggestive music about 'it'. Most of the music, though, can go either way. I mean whenever somebody says 'take me home' that could go either way. I think it really depends on the person singing it. If Bruno Mars, a artist that flat out says the word sex, sings 'take me home', I would be inclined to think that it could likely mean... You get the idea.

I hate the profanity in the songs the most is because that some songs would be perfectly fine if they didn't have to cuss in it. Demi Lovato and most secular rappers are guilty of this. It's really terrible.

One of the arguments of last week's post was the song's writer. To be honest, I don't consider who wrote the song. I don't think it matters. The singer still agreed to sing it. If I wrote about something that I didn't believe in or thought was wrong, I don't think anyone should care about what I have to say.

Sure, there are some cases when the artist might be overwritten by the record company. But it's still wrong and he or she was still wrong to sing it. I'm not denying you guys don't know that, but I'm stating my own views.

"I think when you set out to be an artist, first and foremost—a musician, a rock 'n' roller—you don't come with this kind of, like, hey, I also want to be a role model that, obviously, will let you down because I'm a human being," says pop songstress Katy Perry. "And a lot of people see me as a role model but I'd like to kind of turn that around and say I appreciate that but I'd like to be seen as an inspiration. Because a role model, I think, will fail you."

I know Katy Perry obviously has a lot of views that are wrong, but I think she's right on this one. Having a role model in the music industry will only fail you because they all do things that we don't agree with. Taylor Swift is my favorite singer in the music industry period, but some of the things she says I think is wrong. But I love her music. I love the things she does as a artist. She connects with her fans in a way no other artist does. Her music, other than her pop stuff, is unlike any other music. I like her for that. She's an inspiration to me, but not a role model, (though she was at one point), because I've realized that if we should have any role model, it should be the people we know, not the people we just see on a screen or listen to on our headphones.

I have to remind myself every day when I look at all the terrible things that some artists are doing, that these are people, like me. People that are lost, just like I was at one point. People who do bad things, like what I did and still do. But I also remember that these people need prayer because God created them. So matter how mad I get at a rapper or Miley Cyrus for using their influence in a terrible way, I have to remember that these are just people like me.

So, while we can look up to people for the message that they send, it should only be a inspiration to us, not a role model. That's only going to hurt us. I like Miley Cyrus for her music, (some of it) not for what she does. We can enjoy the gifts that God has given these people without looking up to them as a role model.

In Christ,

P.S Some of you Directioners might have seen my other review, 'Kiss You'. I posted that a long time ago when I really didn't like them at all. I thought their tunes were catchy and that was it. I want to apologize for that post. I'm not saying I changed my mind about the things I said, but I definitely went too far. I was trying to make it sound funny, but some of the things I said were unnecessary. So I want to apologize for being too critical.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Music Reivew Monday #10: One Direction (Story of My Life)

Today, I'm reviewing a One Direction song. Actually, it might be just me, but I find this song very sad, yet meaningful in a depressing way.

Most of you know that One Direction is releasing their third studio album in just two years. Ever since their breakthrough hit, their very first song I might add, 'What Makes You Beautiful', the band soars through the charts. They have won the hearts of millions of fans all over the world.

I know a lot of Directioners, in person and over blogging. Though I've never been into them that much, I admit that they are pretty talented and hilarious. Might I add, (this is painful) a little cute. I can understand why the band has been successful. But... even so, they're not very high on my list. I'll talk about that later. (And if you don't want to read this post. Skip to the end and read.)

'Story of My Life' is a song speaking of love, tragic love actually. It begins with doubt from the girl, sometimes the boys don't get. "Written in these walls are stories I can't explain/I leave my heart open, but it stays empty/She said she didn't feel the same about us in her bones/IT seems when I die these words will be written on my stone."

Now it seems like this guy could be... talking about suicide or the breakup? "And I'll be gone, gone tonight/The ground beneath my feet is open wide/The way I've been holding on too tight/With nothing in between."

The chorus tells the story of this relationship and how it ended. "The story of my life/I take her home/I drive all night to keep her warm/And time is frozen/The story of my life/I give her hope/I spend her love/Until she's broke inside."

The second speaks of the wish to forget this girl, but the boys can't. "Leave my heart open/But it still stays in this cage/I know that in the morning now I see us in the night on the hill/Although I am broken my heart is untamed still."

No matter what they wish, they know that the relationship is hopeless. "But baby chasing your heart is like chasing the clouds."

Though this song has a bit of hope, it speaks of a hopeless and broken relationship. It speaks truth. We try to forget things. We try to forget the people who have broke us and let us down, but there are some things we just can't let go off. Thankfully, it does eventually resent living in the past. But moving on is not a subject in this ballad.

The music video, which was released today, takes a different direction. It shows the boys remembering their family as they live in the moments they can't get back.

We never known when life will take a whole different direction, as these talent completions have shown us. So we should live today as if the next day everything will know will be gone. Anything can happen. God has a plan that no one knows about. So we should 'live like there's no tomorrow'.

Of course, this doesn't really when applied to temporary relationships. Something what we want to think is good can be bad for us.

I actually do like One Direction. Don't get me wrong. I love how they're goof half the time, but when the time comes, they are willing to be serious. I've realized why One Direction is such a popular choice, especially with teenage girls. Because they care about girls. They sincerely care. Half the rap songs out these days are totally insulting to woman. That guy, Robin Thickke, who's video is still on the top ten on iTunes, actually has lyrics like, "I fell in love with 'that thing'." That makes me want to puke.

On the other hand, One Direction don't see woman as 'thing'. They're not trying to be heartthrobs either. You know they're sincere when they talk about us and they're very sweet. But, all things considered, I won't follow One Direction for really one reason. They might have good intentions, but still, they have on they wrong with that. I'm just going to say this plainly because I know it without a doubt. They're views on sex before marriage are wrong.

Think about it. They're released two albums, one to come. The hit albums are called, 'Up All Night', 'Take Me Home' and 'Midnight Memories.' What idea do you get after reading these titles? Even in this song is suggestive! No fan can deny that these guys talk about night a lot. Their hit, 'Little Things' talks about the girl talking in her sleep. Ask yourself this question. How would he know she talks in her sleep? Furthermore, how would he know she has dimples in the back of the spine? The answer is pretty clear.

You might think that this is unclear. But one song talks about it directly. A bonus track on their second album, 'Truly, Madly, Deeply' starts out like this: "Am I awake, asleep, or something in between/I can't believe that you are here/Lying next to me." You can't argue with that.

I think people just don't really realize what they really mean because, again, they have stolen the hearts of teen girls. But we have to apply this to a Biblical perspective when the world doesn't.

So while One Direction has hope, they have one gap. Purity. Losing your purity is something you can never take back, something that you could live in forever. Unfortunately, One Direction don't see value of purity.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Be Patient

One day I was thinking about my broken Ipod and how I so wanted it to be fixed. I will soon fix it whose my Dad finishes his storm shelter (we don't have a basement). Lately our dad has been making a storm shelter for us and he's been busy doing work for it every Saturday. I just want to fix my Ipod so bad but I got to understand that he's busy and he can't do things I want him to do fast. So one day I thought why don't I help him so this project will be done soon. I don't have to dig dirt or get dirty, but I can help him with chores inside like laundry or pick up the house a little bit. If you want something to be done but you need someone to do it with you and that person is busy doing something else, be patient and help that person. Thank you Dad for putting all your hard work into this storm shelter for us!! Thank you to my Mom too for taking care of us!! Here are some of the pictures of the storm shelter my dad is making (along with my brother)

How tall the shelter is
inside of the shelter which is still in construction Lol
our big pile of gravel