Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Emmy from the blog My Journal did a post on ten random things about you, and she tagged me so THANKS Emmy!!


1. I LOVE writing fiction and plan to hopefully publish a book or two when I get older.

2. I am literally obsessed with Taylor Swift and have memorized the lyrics to almost all of her songs and watched all her tours on Youtube.

3. I just got a Instagram with my two very good friends: my awesome friend Mila and my closest friend ever, my sister, Ellie.\

 4. Ever since my dad got a hymn jazz CD, I've realized how cool jazz is. Since then, we have had quite a few jazz dance parties.

5. My dad has a 'knack' for nicknames and because of it, my nicknames are the funniest (may I mention embarrassing) in the world.

6. About three years ago, I did a spelling test on the fifty states. I misspelled one, the one I live in!

7.  Lately, my family has been watching Pride and Prejudice and love that time period.

8. Apart from music, I love reading and am obsessed with the amazing Hunger Games series.

9. I have a awesome pen-pal, who I met through a maginize a long time ago and am still writing to her today.

10. I got teary eyed when I listened to 'All Too Well' by Taylor Swift.

                        1. Put the name of the blog that tagged you on post
                         2. Write 10 things about you
                        3. Tag as many friends as you want
                        4. Have fun!!!


1. I love colorful socks
2. When i'm bored I make funny faces or talk in different ways
3. I can call myself weird but people other than myself can't call me weird
4.I'm good at thumb war
5. I can talk to you all day about Royal Tailor and converse!!
6. I always get my family to play games!
7. I LOVE taking pictures of ME!
8. I long for a minion suite!
9. I call myself a hobbit if I go outside with bare feet
10. I have a pencil holder that a cheeseburger!

                                                           I tag:

Thanks again, Emmy! Have fun everyone!

Sarah and Ellie:)


  1. Aw, thank you so much guys! I'll try and post ten things SOON! :)

    1. KK!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMMENTING!! it makes our day!!

  2. Thnx!!!!!!!!!!! I'll do it soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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