Friday, November 1, 2013

Be Patient

One day I was thinking about my broken Ipod and how I so wanted it to be fixed. I will soon fix it whose my Dad finishes his storm shelter (we don't have a basement). Lately our dad has been making a storm shelter for us and he's been busy doing work for it every Saturday. I just want to fix my Ipod so bad but I got to understand that he's busy and he can't do things I want him to do fast. So one day I thought why don't I help him so this project will be done soon. I don't have to dig dirt or get dirty, but I can help him with chores inside like laundry or pick up the house a little bit. If you want something to be done but you need someone to do it with you and that person is busy doing something else, be patient and help that person. Thank you Dad for putting all your hard work into this storm shelter for us!! Thank you to my Mom too for taking care of us!! Here are some of the pictures of the storm shelter my dad is making (along with my brother)

How tall the shelter is
inside of the shelter which is still in construction Lol
our big pile of gravel


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