Monday, May 27, 2013

My New Blog

Hey, People!
I just want to let you know I started a music review blog since I loving doing it so much. Click here to check it out! Thanks!

In Christ,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Tongue

Today, at Sunday School Class, we were talking about the tongue. "But no human being can tame the tongue. It is restless, full of deadly poison," says James of it. It's difficult for us to face, but it's right. We can do more damage with the tongue than we can if we shoot someone in the leg. Words hurt, a lot. I know that's true, and I'm sure you do too. To tell you the truth, I am shy person. So, for me sometimes, it's not the things I say. It's the things I don't say.

But I have said a lot of things I regret,  and I'm sure you have too.

"People say sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me, but that's not true. Words can hurt. Things were said to me that I still haven't forgotten." -Demi Lovato.

I'm sure you've all heard quotes like this, but I wanted to bring it up. Just think about this: If someone criticize you over the Internet, you would feel hurt. If someone hurt you with their words in person, you would feel really hurt. But what if someone you who loved and cared about, someone who you were close to, hurt you with their words? That would hurt most of all, right? Because you love this person. You care about this person. Even if they don't mean it, it still hurts. It confuses, frustrates you and it hurts.

You see what I'm saying? You might not really care about the person-who-criticize-you-over-the-Internet's opinion. You might care about the person-that-hurts-you-in-person's opinion. But you really care about that one person's opinion, the one that you care about. You care about it more than any of them.

Now think about whenever you hurt someone you love with your words. I'm sure you've done it. We've all have, to our siblings, our parents or our friends. So next time when you're about to totally tell them off, just pause for a moment, and think about how you would feel if they did that to you.

 On the other hand, maybe you have been hurt by someone else's words. I know how that feels. I still haven't forgotten some of the words that have hurt me. But what we need to realize, well, what I need to realize is that I am what God's says I am. Nothing more and nothing less. Whoever says I'm anything else, is wrong.

Or maybe you have come to realize that. Maybe what you're struggling with now is forgiveness. Well, I feel you because that's what I struggle with most. I still do. I'm still trying to forgive someone that hurt me a lot with their words. But you know what? I like to compare forgiving with having a baby. It takes a while and it hurts a lot, but in the end, it is totally worth it.

Back to the hurt-by-words thing, I wanted to say, I don't like to call myself beautiful. (Mostly because I don't think I am), but I don't like to call myself flawed either. But you know what I am proud to call myself? Beautifully flawed. Because I am and everything that is saved by God is. We are flawed. We can't avoid it, but because of Jesus, we are beautifully flawed. Because Jesus turns those flaws and sins and makes them beautiful.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dear Bloggers!!!! It is now official that whenever I, sign off from google plus or blogging or emailing, I will sign my name like this,
                                                                      Zendaya's 1# fan,

Monday, May 20, 2013

The first video I've watched of them

Real Humor!

This REAL HUMOR, people! It's hard to come by! Watch these videos!!!!! We got to MET these people!

My great dream

Hello forever changed viewers!!!! Last night I had a great dream!!! A GREAT dream!!! A WONDERFUL dream!!!!! The most greatest dream I have ever had in my life!!!!!!!!! I MET ZENDAYA!!!! I met her!!!!! She actually wanted me to be on her band!!!!!! That was a great dream!!!!! I soooooooooooooooo wish that, that dream was true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Zendaya!!!! Watch her tonight on dancing with the stars at 7, and see how great she dances!!!!!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Emmy's Interview

Hey Everyone! This time, we're interviewing Emmy over at My Journal!

1. What's your favorite color?
Pink, I also love green and light brown with it :)
2. How many siblings do you have?
10, two are married with kids
3. What's your favorite food?
I love stir fry and pizza
4. Blogging, Google Plus, or emailing?
Ooh, that's a tough one! I would have to say blogging :)
5. What are your hobbies? (I think we know the answer, but we want our other readers to know)
:) There's blogging, writing letters, reading, emailing, doing crafts, anything outdoors.. climbing trees, roller blading, biking, singing, and I like acting too.
6. Why do you like 1D?
Well, not only because of they're amazingly beautiful voices but more importantly because of they're amazingly beautiful hearts. I used to think they were just another JB until I learned more about them and started to listen to them. I am a proud Directioner♥
7. What is God to you in three words?
Father, Love and Hope :)
8. What is your favorite movie?
I have many!! but I'll just name a few, Dreamer, Fire Proof, Parental Guidance, Finding Nemo and Despicable Me
9. Which event is better, you birthday or when you get off school for the summer?
 I think my birthday, its during summer too.
10. What do you do when your off for school?
Live outside... okay maybe not. but I'm outside ALL the time :)
11. What are your favorite blogs?
 I have MANY here's some, Praise Him with Dance, Singing4life, your blog, and Danielle's Blog :)
Thanks again, Emmy for letting us interview you! Ellie and I totally LOVE interviewing people. So once again, do not be shy and email us at! Also, check Emmy out at her blog. It's awesome!
In Christ,
Sarah (and Ellie)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Dear Blogging Friends and Readers,

Today, I, Sarah, at 12:12 PM, I am very pleased to announce that.....
Drumroll please.........

TODAY IS ELLIE'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My younger sister is 11. Ah, she's growing up. It's painful, but this post is dedicated to my BSF (best sister friend), Ellie.
So I will now post about favorite things.

1. ZENDAYA! If you  don't already know, Ellie is a toal zswagger or as she puts it, ZENDAYA FREAK!!!!

2. Royal Tailor! Other than being completely obsessed with Zendaya, Royal Tailor is one of her top obsessions.

These are her very favorite videos:

And of course, her life motto,
Some fun facts about Ellie:
Her nicknames include, 'Zendaya Freak', 'Cook', 'Lee Lee', and 'Wellwie'
She loves colorful socks!
She can't live without her sunglasses. (Actually she says, "I probably would live, but I would have to go to the hospital a lot.")
She loves dancing and making up her own routines.
She thinks Tauren Wells, the lead singer from Royal Tailor, looks like a pitcher on the Cardinals.
Her secret crush is a toddler named Joel.
One of her goal is in her life is to meet Zendaya. (She says, upon their meeting, she will, 'hug her to death and scream, 'I'm a Zendaya freak!')
She calls people, including our dad, 'Dude'
If you insult yourself, she will get very mad.

Quotes from Ellie:
"Dude, if you don't like Zendaya, you..." (makes a fake gaging noise.)
When she can't think of anything to say, she goes, "And I was like 'blah' and I was like 'blah' and I was like 'blah'."
"I know, right?"
"What's up, DUDDDDDDE!!!"
"Hey, girly girl."

Ellie is hilarious and keeps me laughing ALL THE TIME! I am really blessed to have such a cool sister. She is very interesting sister and she definitely makes this blog very interesting.
She is my secretary and partner in writing. If I am mad, she goes up to me and says, very annoyingly, "Hey, my name is Mabel!" (Inside joke) You can never really be upset with Ellie in the room. That's why she's....
I don't want to say this.....
She's awesome.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Anna's Interview!!!!!!

.What is your favorite color?
 Blue. (I also like purple, but mostly blue.)
2.What are your favorite songs?
(Christian or anything) I love Christian music. My favorite Christian artist is Britt Nicole. I love 'Gold' and 'All This Time. Actually, I'm in a faze where I really like 'Red' by Taylor Swift.
3.What are your hobbies?
Singing, tap- dancing, acting, and drawing.
4.Singing or Dancing?
5. Blogging or Emailing?
Definitely emailing.
6. What event is better: your birthday or the day you get off school for the whole summer?
Hmm... hard one. Probably my birthday. But also getting off school for the summer, because my birthday is in the summer.
7.If you could go anywhere, where would it be?
Paris, France.
8.What is you favorite food?
I really like Chinese food.
9.What's your favorite book?
The Bible, The Nancy Drew books, and the Holly's Heart series.
10.What is God to you in three words?
I am, (He's everything that He says He is) Jesus, (A great friend) and when I'm going through a lot and when I'm upset, He's always there for me. Sorry that the last one wasn't one word:)
11.What would you like to study for college?
 I really don't know yet.
12.What do you like to do with your family?
Weird as this sounds I like playing the wii with my dad and my siblings. My mom doesn't ever play the wii. I also like it when we rent a movie and eat popcorn.

Thanks, Anna! Click here to see her awesome blog! Again, if you want to be interview, email us at!

Sarah and Ellie

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Demi Song

I thought I'd post this song because I love it so much! IT's probably the most meaningful and emotional song I've ever heard and it's definitely one's of my favorites. You think a song called, 'Warrior' would be really fast and techno, but this is a slow, powerful song!

Zendaya Dancing With The Stars

Hey guys!!!! This is Ellie:) Some people might know that Zendaya is on Dancing with the stars!!!! she is the youngest of them all and she does really good for 16!!!! This week she just got a perfect score!!!! She and her partner Val work very hard!!! You guys probably already know I'm a Zendaya FREAK!!! I'm going to post some videos and pictures!!!! Hope you like them!!!:)


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

'DEMI' Review

Demi Lovato has released her newest album early. So I can review it! Actually, you can only listen to it now. You can buy it on March 14th!

With her lead, amazing single 'Heart Attack', Demi has expressed her fear of falling in love. In her fourth studio album, called Demi, Demi has fun dance tunes and a few raw, slow, and meaningful melodies. She said this new album would be about the joys of life. She also says she expressed herself better in this album. 

In the 13 tracks in this album, Demi definitely expressing her character a little better. She shows her unmovable side, her sensitive side, and, unfortunately, a little bit of her dirty side. Believe me, she definitely surprised me. Some of it was a good surprise. Some of it... not so much.

One's thing for sure. Her fan base has gotten older, which means Demi has gotten older. The question is: Is that a good thing?

Wholesome Content

'Heart Attack' speaks of the honest fear of falling in love because you've been hurt before.

'Warrior' is definitely the most encouraging, meaningful track on this album. Much like 'Skyscraper' , Demi speaks of how her scars have only made her stronger. "The pain and all the truth/I wear like a battle wound... Now I'm a warrior/I've got thicker skin... I'm stronger than I've ever been." Speaking of how her mistakes have changed her, she talks of moving on. "I'll never be the same/I'm taking back my life today." She even talks about the people that have hurt her, telling them she will never let the back in her life. " You're a criminal... Nothing left you can stay."

'Really Don't Care' shows Demi's unmovable side. Telling a story about a guy that left her and then wants her back, she won't let him lie to her again. "You can take all your words and your lies/I really don't care." Instead of running from him, Demi refuses to let him scare her. "Now if we meet in the street/I won't be scared."  In 'Shouldn't Come Back', Demi advises a lover that the relationship isn't worth it because of all the pain she goes through because of it.  In 'Without the Love', Demi sees through the lies of a deceiver who doesn't live out his words. "Why are you singing me love songs/What good is a love song/Without the love?"

On a happier side, Demi sings of amazing love in 'Made in the USA.' Singing of how her love is amazing and patriotic, she even sings of the sacrifices she will make. "Baby, I'll break the bullet/And take the blow for love." 'Two Pieces' tells a story of a unmovable friendship of a hurt boy and girl that helps them get through life. "We'll never fall apart/'Cause we fit together/Like two pieces of a broken heart."

Like 'Unbroken', 'Never Been Hurt', Demi promises to love someone as if she's never been hurt. She speaks of her beau in a loving way, singing, "In that fire/You fought through the darkness/And brought me back to life... I will love you/Like I've never been hurt/Run through fire for you/Like I've never been burned." 'Neon Lights' the beauty of seeing and loving just one person but....

Unacceptable Content

One line is suggestive. "You'll be coming home with me tonight."

On that subject, Demi never talks of s-x directly, but a few songs are suggestive. In 'In Case', you can tell the relationship involved living together. Plus, she sings, "In case you miss my arms/How they wrapped around your waist."  In 'Nightingale', Demi begs a boy to be her 'Nightingale'. The whole 'night' thing is a tad bit suggestive. 

As good as this album is, terribly, it is not free of profanity. In 'Nightingale', she sings, "Somebody speaks to me/'Cuz I'm feeling like h---."  But even that is not compared to the worst song on this album, 'Fire Starter'. It is definitely Demi's dirty side. Singing of how she looks innocent, she tells people she is not. It starts off: "There's a S written on my chest/Where no one can see." Going on like that, it is pretty terrible, totally disgusting and unacceptable. The worst thing is that Demi yells out, "I'm a bad a--!" twice.

Though 'Something that We're Not' is pretty clean, she sounds pretty mean in it to where it doesn't provide the best influence. In 'Really Don't Care', guest rapper, Cher Llyod gives bad advice. "Hey, Demi, you picked the wrong lover/You should've picked that one/He's cuter than the other."

I found a cropped picture of the album cover, but the whole picture is bad. Though no explicit parts are shown, she is shirtless and covered in black, oil-like liquor.


I have looking forward to this album since I heard Demi was writing new music.  Being really excited when she released it early, I found many, upbeat songs that just made me want to get up and dance, which is what I thought her last album lacked. Most of the songs are clean enough to buy and it is definitely more happy than the last album.

What I love about Demi is that no one can move her, even the people that hurt her. I love how she embraces challenges, won't let anyone bring her down, and looks at the bright side of things. Most of my expectations were met. I expected the suggestive lyrics about s-x, but I was really hoping that this album would be free of profanity. That's why I was really disappointed when I heard 'Fire Starter.'

As good as most of this album is, I can't recommend buying the whole thing. I really didn't think I could either. It's mostly because of the cuss words. Loving Demi, I can't beat her up because of this, but I have to put this in the light. I doubt she's going down Miley Cyrus' road, but I still plan to write her about  this. Though she has grown, these words of profanity show a lack of maturity.

So while Demi is pretty clean, there are a few songs that just ruin the mood. I really want to tell her good job, but I can't encourage the profanity.


Happiest Song: Made in the USA
Saddest Song: Shouldn't Come Back
Most Meaningful Song: Warrior
Best Written: Shouldn't Come Back
Most Sexual Content: Fire Starter
Personal Favorite: Warrior


Monday, May 6, 2013

If you have followed my blog for a while, or if you know me in general,  you know I am a Swifty. Sure, it took me awhile, but once I watched the video for 'You Belong With Me', I was hooked. I got really into her through late 2011 and stayed into her until she released Red. Now I've talked about the stuff I dislike about in her.  Now, to be fair, I want to talk about the stuff I like about her.

Well, the thing I love the most about her is her song writing style. I have searched everywhere and never found anyone with a amazing, unique writing style like hers. The reason I like country sometimes better than I like an genre of music is because I love how country music tells a story. It's the author in me I suppose. If you know Taylor Swift, you know that every song she sings has a story and she has a beautiful, raw way of telling those stories that no one can come by easily. I love how she interacts with her fans and adore her hilarious video blogs, which surprisingly I watched for the first time last week. Though I will always love her country music better, I do enjoy her pop side. Because she has changed a lot in the past few years, I will always miss that smiling, innocent girl with the curls, giving Romeo and Juliet a happy ending.

Along with this post about me rambling about Taylor Swift, I thought I'd talk about one of my favorite songs by her, the song that has inspired me the most. Though its one of her older ones, it will ALWAYS be one of my favorite songs. This is song is called 'Fifteen'.

Basically, this song is about your freshman year at high school which is one of the things Taylor calls 'fearless'. (Like me, Taylor was born late in the year) The is actually an autobiography of her and her best friend, Abigail who she met that year. Writing this song herself, she put details in it that gives us a dark, yet realistic picture as she talks about the good.... and bad things of high school.

"Take a deep breath as you walk through the doors/It's the morning of your very first day," she begins. "It's your freshman year and you're gonna be here for the next four years in this town." Right away, we get a the feeling of a fifteen-year-old girl's desire for love. "Wanting one of the those seniors boy who wink at you and say, "I haven't see you before." 

The song goes on, talking about the reality of being fifteen. One of my favorite lines is this song is, "When you're fifteen, somebody tells you he loves, you're gonna believe them." There is so much truth in that line.

Awhile ago, I was writing a story about a fifteen-year-old girl's freshman year in high school. In it, she did some pretty bad things. She's wasn't a Christian at the time of course. But about halfway through the book, I started asking myself, "Wait a minute, why is she risking and sacrificing so much to keep her new friends and her boyfriend happy? Why is she changing her character and trusting her boyfriend in a way she doesn't even trust her parents?" At the time, I didn't even have the answer!

But I believe that the answer lies in that line. Because when we're fifteen, we're so young, we haven't see enough lies to know what the truth is yet! We might not even have seen real love displayed! I've learned that at a young age, girls (including me) have a strong desire for love. Real love is hard to come by, but at fifteen, you don't know that! When you're fifteen, you will believe in 'love' even if it's totally obvious that it's a lie. When you're fifteen, you will make sacrifices in order to get it. Why? Because you believe in those fairy tales and happily ever afters.

That influence definitely shows up on this song. Taylor meets a girl named Abigail who one of her best friends in real life. (Well, then anyway) Singing dreamily, Taylor coos, "And then you're on your very first date/And he's got a car/And you're feeling like flying... you're dancing 'round your room when the night ends." Even the mention of a first kiss gets into this song. "Your first kiss makes your head spin wild." But Taylor reminds us that the things we do in high school are not as great as we think they are. "In this life, you'll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team/I didn't know it at fifteen." That's probably my favorite line in Taylor Swift song ever!

Then a dark cloud seems to cover the songs as Taylor sings about heartbreak. "All you wanted was to be wanted/Wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now." Then she speaks of something that happened in real life to her best friend. "And Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind/And we both cried."

 The video evens warns against heartbreak. In the video, Abigail (played by herself) goes on a date with a guy. In his car, they kiss, but when the boy takes things too far, she stops it. Afterwards, the guy leaves her.

Taylor presents high school as a hard world and it is. Even though I've never been in high school before, I've read enough of teen fiction to get the idea.

Love is a hard thing too. Being fifteen and wanting love is even harder. We just have to remember: Love is hard to come by, but lies aren't. Taylor has changed a lot since her high school years. "Don't forgot to look before you fall."

Looking at her now, I wish she was still fifteen.
Sometimes I wish she would take up her own advice.
Hey everyone, this post I'm going to interview Noelle!!! Her blog is awesome so check it out at Praise him With Dance!!!!!!! Hope you like it!!!

1.What color eyes and hair do you have?
Strawberry blond/brown and green/blue eyes!!

2.What kind of music do you like to dance to/
I like dancing to CCM and some other contemporary music!!!

3.What are your hobbies?
DANCING, writing letter, blogging and crafty stuff!!;)

4.What are your favorite songs?
Umm.. Probably "They don't know about us" by 1D and "Gold" by Britt Nicole

5.Why do you like to dance?
 I just think it is a really beautiful way to express yourself, and i have always loved the feel of dancing!!!
6.Which event do you like better, the day you get off school for the summer or you birthday?
 Probably The day i get off of school, cuz i know that i have the WHOLE summer to have a blast, and i don't like growing up...haha : )
7. What is your favorite season? Why?
SUMMER: NO school, sunshine, swimming, everything is green and bright.....etc,.
8. What do you like to do with your family?
ummm.....i like going to this place called the apple barn during fall and we get donuts and apple cider and it's on top of a mountain so we get to look at the view...etc,. : ) : )
9. Google plus, Emailing, or blogging?
I think e-mailing, cuz i like having conversations with people over e-mail, and i like to come to a FULL inbox...haha!!
10. What was your favorite toy when you were little
I think this "barney" stuffed dinosaur toy that i had!!
11.What is your favorite color?
12.What is your favorite food?
 ummm....I like Chinese and pizza!!!
13. If you could go anywhere out of the country or out of the state where would it be?
Probably to the UK so i could meet the boys from 1D, or maybe i would go to the state where my bestie i met over blogging lives, so i could meet her <3 <3

I had so much fun doing it! Thanks so much Noelle!!! If anyone would like to be interviewed just email me at