Sunday, May 19, 2013

Emmy's Interview

Hey Everyone! This time, we're interviewing Emmy over at My Journal!

1. What's your favorite color?
Pink, I also love green and light brown with it :)
2. How many siblings do you have?
10, two are married with kids
3. What's your favorite food?
I love stir fry and pizza
4. Blogging, Google Plus, or emailing?
Ooh, that's a tough one! I would have to say blogging :)
5. What are your hobbies? (I think we know the answer, but we want our other readers to know)
:) There's blogging, writing letters, reading, emailing, doing crafts, anything outdoors.. climbing trees, roller blading, biking, singing, and I like acting too.
6. Why do you like 1D?
Well, not only because of they're amazingly beautiful voices but more importantly because of they're amazingly beautiful hearts. I used to think they were just another JB until I learned more about them and started to listen to them. I am a proud Directioner♥
7. What is God to you in three words?
Father, Love and Hope :)
8. What is your favorite movie?
I have many!! but I'll just name a few, Dreamer, Fire Proof, Parental Guidance, Finding Nemo and Despicable Me
9. Which event is better, you birthday or when you get off school for the summer?
 I think my birthday, its during summer too.
10. What do you do when your off for school?
Live outside... okay maybe not. but I'm outside ALL the time :)
11. What are your favorite blogs?
 I have MANY here's some, Praise Him with Dance, Singing4life, your blog, and Danielle's Blog :)
Thanks again, Emmy for letting us interview you! Ellie and I totally LOVE interviewing people. So once again, do not be shy and email us at! Also, check Emmy out at her blog. It's awesome!
In Christ,
Sarah (and Ellie)


  1. Thank YOU gals!!!! it was SOO fun doing it! hope we are able to get better acquainted :D

    1. Right back at ya! We had SO much fun doing it!
      In Christ,


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