Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Dear Blogging Friends and Readers,

Today, I, Sarah, at 12:12 PM, I am very pleased to announce that.....
Drumroll please.........

TODAY IS ELLIE'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My younger sister is 11. Ah, she's growing up. It's painful, but this post is dedicated to my BSF (best sister friend), Ellie.
So I will now post about favorite things.

1. ZENDAYA! If you  don't already know, Ellie is a toal zswagger or as she puts it, ZENDAYA FREAK!!!!

2. Royal Tailor! Other than being completely obsessed with Zendaya, Royal Tailor is one of her top obsessions.

These are her very favorite videos:

And of course, her life motto,
Some fun facts about Ellie:
Her nicknames include, 'Zendaya Freak', 'Cook', 'Lee Lee', and 'Wellwie'
She loves colorful socks!
She can't live without her sunglasses. (Actually she says, "I probably would live, but I would have to go to the hospital a lot.")
She loves dancing and making up her own routines.
She thinks Tauren Wells, the lead singer from Royal Tailor, looks like a pitcher on the Cardinals.
Her secret crush is a toddler named Joel.
One of her goal is in her life is to meet Zendaya. (She says, upon their meeting, she will, 'hug her to death and scream, 'I'm a Zendaya freak!')
She calls people, including our dad, 'Dude'
If you insult yourself, she will get very mad.

Quotes from Ellie:
"Dude, if you don't like Zendaya, you..." (makes a fake gaging noise.)
When she can't think of anything to say, she goes, "And I was like 'blah' and I was like 'blah' and I was like 'blah'."
"I know, right?"
"What's up, DUDDDDDDE!!!"
"Hey, girly girl."

Ellie is hilarious and keeps me laughing ALL THE TIME! I am really blessed to have such a cool sister. She is very interesting sister and she definitely makes this blog very interesting.
She is my secretary and partner in writing. If I am mad, she goes up to me and says, very annoyingly, "Hey, my name is Mabel!" (Inside joke) You can never really be upset with Ellie in the room. That's why she's....
I don't want to say this.....
She's awesome.



  1. AWE! that's so sweet!!! :P HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ellie!!!

  2. You must be really close :) Happy birthday Ellie!! And this is soo weird! today is my sister, Graces 11th bday too!! lol :D


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