Friday, June 28, 2013

Kari Jobe My Beloved

Last week me and my brother Danny went to a camp called FCA Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It's a very pretty song!!! I can't wait till I can show Sarah this song!! Update on Sarah she is still at Super summer, but she is coming back tomorrow!!!!
Zendaya's 1# fan,

Friday, June 21, 2013

Dedicated to Anna

This post is going to be a hard one. So bear with me....

Some of you know that Anna from God's Girl is moving. (a week from tomorrow) You might also know that she is my best friend. This is hard to be to accept and I'm not okay with it right now.

She has been there for me for a long time. I can talk to her about things that I can talk to no one else about and I know she'll understand. Though we don't agree on everything, we still somehow work. It's a God thing. If we weren't Christians, our friendship would be dead by now because this year I've realized how much we don't have in common.

But that's okay. So this poem is how I'm going to get my feelings out. It's been a hard time trying to get all my feelings out. It's so confusing. It's so sad. Sometimes you're just asking, Why? But God has a reason for everything.

So this is it:

This time I know it's real, no take-backs.
Life as we know it has ended.
I know they say you'll always be in my heart.
But I don't know how you can go without tearing me apart.

Where has it gone? It seems like only yesterday?
I was sitting at a beautiful shore.
But now I've plunged right into it.
I'm gasping for air.
But I know whatever hope I have, it's nothing.

Because lately everything has gone down-hill.
Arguments, mistakes comes like a bitter winter chill.
And it seems like everything I thought we were is no more.
I've called you a million times and it seems like you've faced it.

We both saw it coming, but it knocked me out.
And I know you're leaving without a doubt.
Right now I'm unconscious, stuck in a dream.
Holding on to what we used to be.

So innocent, and we agreed on everything.
But now, like has tore the seams of what we used to be.
I've come to realize this isn't a tragedy.
So so...

This is me saying goodbye.
This is me holding you tight.
This is me waking up you up from a very bad dream.
This is me sighing you'd stay.
But I know God has a way
To make it all okay.
So I'm telling myself,
"Don't be afraid."

This poem is dedicated to Anna. It's not one of my bests, but the whole point of it was to get my feelings out. I wrote this awhile ago. When someone leaves, for some reason I always write a poem about it and it makes me feel better.

In Christ,

Someone Like You Adele


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An Update

Hey guys!
I'm helping out at Summer Week of Choir (a thing we do at a local church. It's a big event) So I'm SUPER busy and next week I'll be at Super Summer and I won't be able to post on my blog then. So for a bit it will just be Ellie:) I'll probably post on my blog before next week.

Anyway, this year we're doing Bible Bee and studying 1st John. I haven't exactly gotten into a habit of reading my Bible. Actually, it's been off and on. So this is a REALLY good thing for me.

Here is a verse to a song/poem that I wrote awhile ago. It was mostly for me and it was pretty convicting. It's about the Bible.

Sometimes we are just reading in the dark.
We read, but don't take it to heart.
Why are we wasting our time?
It's like a song that doesn't rhyme.
We read one page, but it doesn't leave a mark.
It's like reading in the dark.

I hope this inspires you to read your Bible more.

In Christ,

P.S Here is a song that's really beautiful! I've loved it ever since it came out and the music video is AWESOME! I'm so glad we have people in the music industry like Carrie who aren't afraid to talk about their Christians beliefs.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Miss Moving On

I have been waiting FOREVER for this song! I LOVE it and these girls! The chorus ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! This world NEEDS more music like this!!! I am a total HARMONIZER!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In My Father's Eyes

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, Ew! Chances are, we all have. We all find some kind of mistake in ourselves. We just don't think we're beautiful. Even the popular cheerleader struggles with those kind of insecurities. We try to look our best, but even when people complement us, we still find mistakes in ourselves.

I have too. I always thought the 'You're Beautiful!' message was cheesy and stupid. I'm always finding faults in myself and so is every other female I know. My friend got her picture back and I gave it to her. I thought she looked perfect, much better than the way I looked, but instead, she look one look at it and said, "I look weird."

I didn't understand it, and my natural instinct was to be mad at her for finding some much fault in herself. But the truth is that we all don't think we look good! We don't think sing good. I can't bare to have some of my family members read my writings out loud! In our eyes, we are a mess, and no matter what we look like and no matter what we do, we are constantly thinking we're doing it wrong.

Recently, I watched of Blimey Cow's videos called, 'Seven Lies You Believe About Yourself.' As always, it was totally right and was convicting to me. The truth is that I believe a lot of lies about myself that aren't true. We all do. But why? Because we're looking in our own eyes!

In our eyes, there's always something that's wrong. In our eyes, there is always something that we can improve on. In our eyes, there's always something that we hate about ourselves.

But, for one moment, why don't we quit looking in the mirror. Why don't we just quit looking in our eyes for just a moment?

Why don't we look in our Father's eyes?

He says we are beautifully and wonderfully made. It's nothing of our own doing, but God's. "You saw me before I was born," says David in the Psalms. God made us and He can't make anything ugly! It's just our sin that's corrupted us!

"He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness," says 1st John. God will forgive us from our sins! Did you know when we hurt and criticize ourselves in that way, we are sinning? Let me explain.

Let's say you had a beautiful flower garden that you worked hard in and it looks so beautiful. You take pride in it. One day, somebody just walks up and looks at it. Immediately, they unmercifully criticize it and point out everything that looks wrong with it. You'd be mad, wouldn't you?  That's what God feels when we insult ourselves.

He created us and he loves us. We are what He says we are, and if anyone, including us, said anything otherwise, they're wrong.

This is the song that inspired this post. I hope it will brighten up your day.

In Christ,

Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm Back!!!!!!!

So I was just listening to one of Zendaya's song "Beat of my Drum" and then I saw this song called "I'm back" "I thought hmm wonder what that song is" Well I listened to it and I LOVED IT!!!! And I kept playing it over and over again. Here is is!!! BTW, its by Zendaya and Bella Thorne!!!!!
Zendaya's  1# fan,

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Love You Anyway

Hi everyone!!! This is Ellie!!! A couple months ago we were going to Nashville Tennessee for a homeschool conference. My family and I were listening to the song "I Love You Anyway" by Holly Star. After I listened to the song I thought about the meaning of the song and started to write is down I have been trying to post it, but we have been busy a lot.

The song "I love you anyway" By Holly Star is a great song. the song talks about someone who hurts her. She is singing about how painful it is when people hurt you, but you forgive them and love them anyway. Why I love this song is because we all get mad at our brother or sister. Maybe he or she took your Ipod or kept annoying you in YOUR room. No matter what their doing you have to forgive them. Just think about it, Jesus dies on the cross for us even though we sinned and made him mad,but he loved us anyway and dies for us. Even thought our brothers or sisters annoy us, we have to forgive them and love them. Maybe do something with them like a read to them or play outside. Maybe you might not have fun, but your brother or sister will smile and have fun with you, and that will make you happy. Just like Jesus.  He did not like the pain and suffering, but after he enjoyed the happiness of us rejoicing cause Jesus saved us. Maybe someone in school is being mean to you.  Before you to scream and get mad at her/him think about this song, forgive them and love them anyway, even when she/he hurt you. Try it this week. Try to be nice to your sister or brother or anyone who is being mean to you. If you struggle doing this, listen to the song, or pray. My family have been doing bible bee for this summer. We are reading 1st John. In this book its said
"Anyone who claims to be in the light, but hates his brother  is still in the darkness. Whoever loves his brother lives in the light and there is nothing in him to make him stumble."


Monday, June 3, 2013

1st John 5:4-5

For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world except the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?  1st John 5: 4-5

I had to read the entire book of 1st John today. This is one of the many verses that stuck out to me. So I thought I'd post it.

In Christ,