Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In My Father's Eyes

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, Ew! Chances are, we all have. We all find some kind of mistake in ourselves. We just don't think we're beautiful. Even the popular cheerleader struggles with those kind of insecurities. We try to look our best, but even when people complement us, we still find mistakes in ourselves.

I have too. I always thought the 'You're Beautiful!' message was cheesy and stupid. I'm always finding faults in myself and so is every other female I know. My friend got her picture back and I gave it to her. I thought she looked perfect, much better than the way I looked, but instead, she look one look at it and said, "I look weird."

I didn't understand it, and my natural instinct was to be mad at her for finding some much fault in herself. But the truth is that we all don't think we look good! We don't think sing good. I can't bare to have some of my family members read my writings out loud! In our eyes, we are a mess, and no matter what we look like and no matter what we do, we are constantly thinking we're doing it wrong.

Recently, I watched of Blimey Cow's videos called, 'Seven Lies You Believe About Yourself.' As always, it was totally right and was convicting to me. The truth is that I believe a lot of lies about myself that aren't true. We all do. But why? Because we're looking in our own eyes!

In our eyes, there's always something that's wrong. In our eyes, there is always something that we can improve on. In our eyes, there's always something that we hate about ourselves.

But, for one moment, why don't we quit looking in the mirror. Why don't we just quit looking in our eyes for just a moment?

Why don't we look in our Father's eyes?

He says we are beautifully and wonderfully made. It's nothing of our own doing, but God's. "You saw me before I was born," says David in the Psalms. God made us and He can't make anything ugly! It's just our sin that's corrupted us!

"He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness," says 1st John. God will forgive us from our sins! Did you know when we hurt and criticize ourselves in that way, we are sinning? Let me explain.

Let's say you had a beautiful flower garden that you worked hard in and it looks so beautiful. You take pride in it. One day, somebody just walks up and looks at it. Immediately, they unmercifully criticize it and point out everything that looks wrong with it. You'd be mad, wouldn't you?  That's what God feels when we insult ourselves.

He created us and he loves us. We are what He says we are, and if anyone, including us, said anything otherwise, they're wrong.

This is the song that inspired this post. I hope it will brighten up your day.

In Christ,

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