Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Love You Anyway

Hi everyone!!! This is Ellie!!! A couple months ago we were going to Nashville Tennessee for a homeschool conference. My family and I were listening to the song "I Love You Anyway" by Holly Star. After I listened to the song I thought about the meaning of the song and started to write is down I have been trying to post it, but we have been busy a lot.

The song "I love you anyway" By Holly Star is a great song. the song talks about someone who hurts her. She is singing about how painful it is when people hurt you, but you forgive them and love them anyway. Why I love this song is because we all get mad at our brother or sister. Maybe he or she took your Ipod or kept annoying you in YOUR room. No matter what their doing you have to forgive them. Just think about it, Jesus dies on the cross for us even though we sinned and made him mad,but he loved us anyway and dies for us. Even thought our brothers or sisters annoy us, we have to forgive them and love them. Maybe do something with them like a read to them or play outside. Maybe you might not have fun, but your brother or sister will smile and have fun with you, and that will make you happy. Just like Jesus.  He did not like the pain and suffering, but after he enjoyed the happiness of us rejoicing cause Jesus saved us. Maybe someone in school is being mean to you.  Before you to scream and get mad at her/him think about this song, forgive them and love them anyway, even when she/he hurt you. Try it this week. Try to be nice to your sister or brother or anyone who is being mean to you. If you struggle doing this, listen to the song, or pray. My family have been doing bible bee for this summer. We are reading 1st John. In this book its said
"Anyone who claims to be in the light, but hates his brother  is still in the darkness. Whoever loves his brother lives in the light and there is nothing in him to make him stumble."


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