Thursday, May 28, 2015

Something In Between

IRecently, I've found a new adoration for musicals. . This week, I finally a got hold of Disney's Into The Woods, the musical combining all sorts of fairy tale characters. You can imagine my excitement. Only this musical was different than movies like Frozen. Instead of a few songs here in there, Into The Woods barely had a spoken word. Everyone sang.

Unlike most Disney films, this one did not have your typical "happily ever after." That was what bothered me about the ending. Because it was more like real life than anything.

Near the end, Cinderella talks to her prince. He pleads with her to go back with him, but she  says, "My father's house was a nightmare. Your palace was a dream. I think I want something in between."

Her statement reminded me of how narrow-minded we can be. We see fairy tales and write them off as stupid. After all, real life doesn't work out that way. We either hope things will go right or expect them to go wrong. We are either optimistic or pessimistic. Sometimes there can be faults in both views.

But as I learn, the more I see that life isn't like that. It's not a fairy-tale, where someone will always come to rescue. At the same time though, it's not a terrible roller coaster ride. Instead... it's something in between.

Because the truth is---few things are black and write. Even the seemingly best people have dark secrets. The meanest bullies can have a good side. Everything is mixed up, light and darkness all in one. We are forced to fit the puzzle pieces together the best we can.

What we must realize is that we do not choose what is right and wrong. One Into The Woods song has a line that irked me, "You decide what's right. You decide what's good."

That is not the case. Right and wrong is beyond us. Someone greater has already decided what is right and wrong. We can only decide which one we will do. If we will stand up for the innocent or take advantage of them. If we will protect something valuable or steal it. If we will lie or tell the truth. That is what we can choose.

Yes, life is not always simple. Only God is completely right. Everything else is a twisted mixture. But it is possible to figure out what is right and wrong. No one controls us. We can decide for ourselves to do right or wrong.

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