Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Offical Ellie Week: Day 2

Today is Day 2 of my Ellie Themed week! I hope you are enjoying this. Ellie is the kind of person who is very fun to talk about. Tomorrow I'll talk about what Ellie likes. Today's topic though, is Ellie's hobbies.

Well... probably fashion. She's obsessed with converse. And skinny jeans. Not the one when you wonder how they can walk because it's so tight, but mild skinny jeans. She does my hair in a braid for Katniss and is always making some cool way to make her outfits look cool. No, she doesn't shop at the mall or any of the brand names. Her favorite story is Target, but we don't go there very often.

She also loves to dance. Since Zendaya danced on Dancing with the Stars, she follows that show, but only when someone she knows is on it. She has taken no classes, but she can dance. Creatively, she makes up dance routines for our original Video Star music videos.

Her other hobbies include stalking people and getting into her friends' iPods and taking a million selfies. (She specializes in that) Snapchat is her addiction. She snapchats all the time. Talents include singing and  dancing. Plus, annoying boys she dislikes.

She doesn't like sports as much as other things, but even our dad, a Little League coach, said she throws better than half the guys on his last team. More than that, she likes tennis. Leaving me the odd one out when it comes to sports in our family. (I stink) But that's okay.

I hope you're enjoying Ellie week! Remember to check back next week. Tomorrow is her official birthday.

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  1. I love that you and your sister blog together- it gives me hope that my sisters might be interested when they get older, too!

  2. Thanks. We love to blog together:) Thanks for reading and commenting, Blogging is so much fun!
    In Christ,


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