Saturday, May 3, 2014

About the blog list and other random things...

Hello friends! (That's how I greet my family) I wanted to say a few things in this post.

First of all... about that blog page. One of the writing blogs I put on the list had a cuss word in one of its posts. When I linked it on there, I didn't think much of it. It wasn't that bad of a word and the writing advice remained helpful. Reconsidering, I decided I didn't want to seem like I was promoting that profanity and I didn't want anyone to be offended by it. So I removed that blog and added another writing blog that contains a lot of advice from a Christian perspective. I apologize for not thinking it through considerably and if you saw that word.

Now, I want to take a time to thank you. Yes, you. Anyone who has read my blog, commented, or followed me. I can't believing (not counting me) Ellie and I have 19 followers! At first, I didn't even want to put the follower gadget on because I thought no one would follow my blog anyway. The truth is that I love to write. I love to voice my opinion and just... write! Not only have I been able to do that with this blog, but I've also gotten a lot of feedback from all of you! So thank you. You are very encouraging!

Speaking of that, if anyone has any advice you could give me on how to improve this blog, leave a comment. I've always looking for opinions in that area. I want to be able to improve this blog in any way I can. Thanks! (Suggestions for post topics, reviews, or just things I could do to make it better)

In another news, the winners of The X Factor USA,  (unfortunately, the last season), Alex and Sierra, have released the title for their upcoming single! 'Scarecrow.' Hmm... it sounds unique, but I absolutely adore these guys. They're so different from pretty much everyone in the music industry! I could go on and on about how much I love them.

Okay, this is what I'm most excited about. If Taylor Swift follows her normal pattern for three albums (one album every two years), this year she will have a new album!!!! YES! I know she's working on her new album. A famous guy who heard the music said all the her other albums were practice for this new one! I can barely contain my excitement!!!!! Hopefully, by the end of this year, she will have blown my mind away with amazing, heartfelt new music.

Thank you for reading!

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