Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monday Minutes Challenge

I'm a day late, but I'm still doing Monday Minutes Challenge. (Link) I'm doing the sentence prompt. I always knew this day would come—I just didn’t expect for it to get here so soon. 298 words.

From the window, I watch her walking in the yard, just like I did when she was a girl. Bouncy brown curls. Smiling face. Everything about her appearance reminded me of Dominic. Not so much with her personality. She’s kind like him, but not as quiet. Deep down inside is my young, adventurous spirit. She’s grown up now. Her curls are straightened She doesn’t laugh as much.

Watching her brings back two words as they speak into my mind like an unwanted friend.

Tonight, Addison.

I always knew this day would come—I just didn’t expect for it to get here so soon. The night where Dominic and I will have to tell her everything. None of our children know of the happenings before they were born, when he and I was a young couple. Like kids, in fact. Kids who only found peace in each other, while their world was a cruel place.

If I had to chose, I would never tell our daughter about it. Hide it forever. I promised Dominic and I’ll never break another promise to him.

Why am I so afraid? She’s almost seventeen now. Something tells me it’s because I didn’t know anything about it until I was a few years older, but I know the truth. Ideas will come to her. Even though our story is terrible, it won’t stop her. She’ll want to know more. That’s something she didn’t inherit from Dominic. Her recklessness. Already she knows that we’re not normal, that something was going on when we met.

Tonight we will unlock the dark door to our past. I would think if we told her every pain we felt, she would stay away. But hardly anyone truly understands all we went through.

Footsteps enter the kitchen. It’s time.
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  1. OHMYGOSH, SARAH!!!! This is fantastic!!! I think it totally has to be my favorite of your entries!!! Fantastic job!! =D


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