Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Grandpa

Today was the memorial service for my grandpa. Though it was very sad to see him for the last time, I had to remember and remind everyone else that it wasn't the last time I was going to see him. Because of Jesus, He lives in Heaven. I just know he is. That's why I can be happy. I wanted to share something I went through the day before the visitation.

We had just been at our grandma's house for an hour or so after a long drive.I was really tired and irritable. Then my dad told me I was going to have to sleep in the sun room. The sun room wasn't as dark as I'm used to, and it has a really loud heater. I was extremely irritable and upset. So while I was dealing with all these things, I went down to basement. The basement has a room filled with all sorts of junk, grandpa's junk. I walked into that room. Seeing that it was half empty since my uncle clean it up , I just broke down and started bawling. Crying harder, I sat down in a chair in the middle of the room. I was crying because almost everything in the room was Grandpa's and it just brought up memories of him.

I just sobbed on that chair for awhile. Every once in awhile I would quiet down, and then I would see something of Grandpa's and I would start bawling again! I swear I cried harder than I'd ever had in my life. It just went on like that for at least ten minutes. For some reason, all of a sudden, 'Dynaminte' popped into my head as I was crying. "Shut up!" I yelled at myself. "Life isn't always a party, you know!" Then I started to think about God, and then I started talking to Him.

"Why is there so many bad things in this world?" I said, a little loud. "Why does things have to change? Why can't things just say the same? I'm not mad, I'm just really, really sad!" Again, I started bawling again. I started thinking about the times I reading or doing something else when I could've visited him. Thinking about these things, I just bawled and thought for a little while.

Then I looked over at a shelve and saw a stack of license plates. Since I thought it interesting, I got up and went over to look at them. At the top of the pile was a license plate that looked new. Picking it up, I stared at my grandpa's name, feeling sad all over again. Putting it down, I tried to get pick up some of the older licences plates. Because they were stapled together or something, I couldn't pick them up. 

That got me to thinking. It reminded me of how I can't do things with Grandpa's old body, but I'll be able to do things with his new body in Heaven. I think it was God's way of telling me he was in Heaven now and everything was going to be okay.

Because Jesus saved us, today wasn't the last time I saw my grandpa. Because God forgave my grandpa, He is Heaven now singing God's praises with his mother, father, and brother. Because Jesus died on the cross, He saved my grandpa. Though this whole thing is very sad, it's also very happy. He isn't suffering anymore. He's rejoicing.

Because his Father saved him.


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In Christ,