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I am disgusted right now. Why, you ask? I'll tell you. A few seconds ago, I was on the computer, reading stuff and listening to Taylor Swift. I was actually to think about something to review. Then I remembered that Danae suggested 'Dynamite'. So, since I don't know the song's lyrics very well, I looked them up.

I was shocked. I mean, I thought I knew the most of the song well, but the problem was that I didn't the second verse very well.

I remembered once at writing class, my friend, Michelle was talking about a Christian version of 'Dynamite' she had discovered. She said it was great, because she loved the beat of the original version, but the words, not so much.

I remember thinking, "Well, overall, the words aren't that bad."

Now I know why she doesn't like it.

'Dynamite' is a very popular song. It's done by British rapper, Taio Cruz, who I don't know much about.  (other than he sings that super, super, annoying song, 'Break Your Heart') It released May 2010, and it is now the second best selling song by a British artist after Adele.

I hadn't heard it until I heard China Anne McClain, a Disney star, sang a cover of it. (Without the bad part of course) The first time I heard Cruz sing it, I thought, "Well, he doesn't sing as good as her." I actually wanted to get the China Anne McClain version.  A year ago, I looked at the lyrics and thought, "Well, this is good overall." The only problem was that I was looking at the China Anne McClain version.

Now that I look at the Taio Cruz version, I am shocked and dismayed. I didn't know. One of the many problems with rappers is that they talk so fast that whenever they say something bad, you can't hear it.

But I see it now.

I'm sure you all know the very well known bridge. "I throw my hands in the air sometimes/Sayin' AYO/Gotta let go/I want to celebrate and live my life saying AYO/Baby let's go!"

That's not too bad.

Then comes the slightly annoying part. "I came here to dance, dance, dance/I hit the floor 'cuz that's my plans, plans, plans/I'm wearing all my favorite brands, brands, brands/Give me some space for both my hands/hands/hands/'Cuz it goes on and on and on."

Then there's the chorus, which is where we learn the location of this song, at a club. "We go rock this club/We can go all right/We go light it up/Like it's dynamite."

That's not bad either. What's bad comes in the second verse where Cruz takes the cuss words to the max.

"I came to move, move, move/Get out the way/Me and my crew, crew, crew/I'm in the club so I'm gonna do, do, do/Just what the f---/Came here to do, do, do."

There's the line. I really shouldn't be surprised though. He is a rapper. Rappers are known to cuss a little more than pop and country artists do.

The rest of the song is pretty simple. In one part, Cruz sings: "I'm gonna take it all/I wanna be the rest one standing/Higher over all/I want to be the last one landing/'Cuz I believe it/And I just want it all/I just want it all."

Non-Christians (like atheists, etc.) often want everything because 'everything' is all they have. Since they don't know for sure what's going to happen after they die, they want to have everything while they can. The amazing thing is that we don't need everything because we know what's going to happen when we die! We don't need everything because we already have everything! We may not be rich in this world, but we are rich in Christ!

Isn't funny how most of popular songs in this world are party songs? 'Party In the USA', 'Hit the Lights', 'Teenage Dream', 'Telephone' and 'Good Time' are just some examples. Some party songs are okay, but some are not. The thing is that you don't want to have too many.

See, you can treat your music to the food you eat. You need to eat healthy stuff, like vegetables, fruit, eggs, and bread. Those are like good Christians songs, like 'All This Time', 'Don't Have Love', 'Ten Thousands Reasons', 'Motion of Mercy' and 'White Flag'. There's nothing wrong with some sugar in your diet. You can eat stuff like ice cream and cake. Those are like good secular songs, like 'Give Your Heart A Break', 'Skyscraper', 'Love Story', 'What Makes You Beautiful' 'Good Time', and 'Firework'. But too much sugar can make you sick. If you eat too much sugar, you abuse your body. Just like too many secular songs can hurt your relationship with God.

I must admit that I have had too much 'sugar' in my diet. I am way better about it now. Though I didn't own many secular songs, I listened to them many times. I am better about it now, but I have to remember that God should be my first priority. He should be the thing I love more than anything else.  Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.," Jesus says in Matthew 16:24. Later, He asks: "For what profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?"

Remember, Jesus is the most wonderful thing you could have, but you have seek Him first everyday to have Him. Though you can't change your heart by yourself, Jesus will help you. He WILL give you a desire for him. He gave it to me.

To listen to the Christian version of 'Dynamite', click here.


  1. so sorry!! i had never even heard that line in that song!!!!!! ;(

    1. It's okay! I'm glad I know I know now. I'm also glad I'm not the only one that found out by reading the lyrics. Thanks for the suggestion!!


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