Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hey this is ELLIE!!! Sorry me and Sarah have not posted in a while. Keep in prayers for our Grandpa who is very sick, Also keep in prayers for our Grandma to be strong through this situation,Prayers for Sarah and my Dad they are in Rochelle with our Grandpa and Grandma. Well I'm not in Rochelle I'm at my house. Unfortunately i could not come, but I'm with my mom and brother! I miss playing with Sarah alot. Soon her and I can catch up and talk!!!!Also happy birthday to my dad! His birthday is Saturday!!!Happy birthday to my Dog Rudo!!!! He is going to be two(fourteen in dog years) this Monday.
Over and out,


  1. Thanks, Ellie for posting! I miss you too! I wish I could post up here in Rochelle. Love you.

    In Christ,

    1. Love you alot Sarah i also miss playing Mable Wable!!!


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