Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Love Really Is

I was at Italian Village, waiting for the guy to call my name
And I turned and saw a sweet thing
It was a couple
Sitting at a table
Their food was cold
They didn't care
She was leaning on his chair
Whispering and smiling
Their love was louder than thunder
And I sat back and wondered,

"Is that what love really is?
Giggling, whispering, acting like kids
Talking for hours
Listening to love songs, like 'Ours'
Holding hands
Is love really that sappy and sweet?
Is love just a big treat?
Is it as easy as this?
Is that what love really is?"

I was still waiting when I saw something else
An old couple sat at a booth
They didn't say a word, to each other and that's the truth
Now someone saw them and said, "How sad."
But I sat back and thought 'That wouldn't be so bad'
As I wondered when my order was comin'
I sat back and thought again,

"Is that what love really is?
You don't have to say anything
'Cuz you've said it all
Growing old, hair turning gray together
You don't have worry about anything
'Cuz you've got each other
You never have to kiss
Because you've done it again and again
Is that what love really is?"

Now I was walking out, when I saw a church
I saw two pictures
One was a man on a cross
And other was the same man rising to save all of us
I smiled, and thought again

"Now that's what love really is!
Giving up all that was his
And dying to save the lost
Which by the way, is all of us
Dying for everyone, the ultimate sacrifice
Freeing us forever, defeating the lie!
There is no other love like this
He's what love really is!
And his name is Jesus

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