Friday, July 6, 2012

It's MY Room, it's MY Life

My brother is a normal guy. When we were younger, he liked my room better this his own. (Maybe because mine had a huge gym mat that he could jump on) So he would come in my room, completely uninvited and unwanted, and I would be usually typing on my old laptop or listening to music. No matter how much I pushed, threatened, pleaded, and yelled, I couldn't get him to budge.

This reminds me of God. For awhile, I have tried all I could to keep me and God on a 'causel friend' relationship. While that stage was going on, I went my own way, and experimented with a few things that could numb the pain in  life But just recently, God got in my life, completely uninvited and unwanted, but through that I realized how much I need Him, and I can fight all I want, but nothing is going to stop Him for getting in my life.

The Christian band, Addison Road has a song called 'Sticking with You.' One of the lines says, "I'm pushing forward till your walls come down/if you understand, I'm going to be around/ I'm sticking with you." In this song, the band is singing about what God says.

This is a poem I wrote about a different subject, but it kind of goes with this.

If I never knew You, I would never have changed
If I never knew You, I would still be out of range
If I never knew, I wouldn't have realized
The true meaning of love and sacrifice
If I never knew You, my life would be the same
But it's definitely better that way

Sometimes we think we have no room for God, but let's face it: If we don't have room for God, we really can't have any lasting relationships. Everybody in my life is going to fail me, and I'm going to fail everybody, but God never will.

It might be my life, but God created me, and gave his Son up for me. I think He deserves a say in it.

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