Saturday, July 21, 2012

Every Ros Has a Thorn

The first day when were together
It was so beautiful
I actually thought that nothing could separate us
The next day you gave a flower
 I took that rose
And held it to my nose.
Then I danced around my room
I wish I had only known

That every rose has a thorn
Every curtain has been thorn
Sometimes love can be burned
It doesn't have to take a wild turn
It does who you are or who you're gonna be
If it's meant to be or if it's real at all
it will stand tall
Make sure the love is real before it's born
And remember,
every rose has a thorn

Well, I was still dancing when the storm hit
I didn't know what to do
I gave everything for that rose
but I guess it wasn't enough
I tried to keep  myself calm
But one day was heart was going to bust.
I ran, and darted, and dashed
And throw the rose in the trash

Look before you jump
You never know when you're going to fall
It'll be okay
It'll be no time at all
before you'll be standing tall

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