Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Ultimate Cost

When a person has not followed Jesus, he is a 'slave to sin.'  When Jesus finds him and he is redeemed. What is he now?

He is not a slave anymore.
But he is not a worker for Jesus. We can't work to get to Heaven. We don't work for Jesus. Nothing he does can score any points for yourself on Judgement Day.

Then who he is?

He is a follower.

A follower is more than a believer. You can believe in Jesus all you want, but if you don't follow him, it doesn't do anything. Believing is important of course. You have to believe to follow, but believing alone doesn't mean anything.

Doing your own thing and ignoring God has a cost. Living a lie has a cost. Living for Satan has a cost, but living for God has the ultimate cost.

Jesus told us about the cost.  Everybody hate Christians for some reason. In some countries, they can take other faiths, but Christianity? No deal. It's very ironic because all those other faiths they do accept, are lies, but the one they won't accept is the truth.

You'll mother might hate you for being a Christian. Your father will. Your friends will. Your teacher will. The government will.

That's the reason people run away from it, because it has a cost.
But think about it like this. If you got cancer, and had to do chemotherapy, would you?

It has a  cost. You lose your hair and have to do a bunch of other things. Would you do it?
Of course you would! Even though it has a cost, it keeps you alive, right?
It's the same thing with following Jesus. Chemotherapy can keep you alive for awhile, but you can still die. But with Jesus, that will never happen. How?

To follow Jesus may the ultimate cost, but it has the ultimate reward. All those other beliefs lead to destruction, but mine leads to eternal life.

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