Monday, July 2, 2012

The Real Truth

Even when creation began, there was something that is still here today.


But now, the world has came up with a new idea, girl-girl, boy-boy.  I never understood why people would do it, until I read, Bright Purple. It was an amazing book. It makes you look at it differently without making you want to support it. I still dislike it, and I still know it's wrong, but I look at it differently.
I am anything, but gay. But I admire gay activists. Well, actually only one, Katy Perry.

Now I only like a few of her songs. (the rest are unexpectable) But when the former Christian singer, released 'I Kissed a Girl' she was very brave.

Everyone doubted it. People said, 'How were gonna get the song to play on the radio? How are we going to get it to sell?'

Yet, it was a huge hit.

 Now, she one of the most succuesful stars today.

Am I saying I've turned gay? No, and I hate the song, 'I Kissed a Girl'. But I want to stand up for what I believe like she did.

That's one of the reason I want to cry when I think of Katy Perry. She's so fearless, she's so courageous, she she is unashamed of what she believes in.

Yet, what she believes in is a sin. She's living a lie.

Her new single about her redemption.She knows she was wrong. "How could've I read the stars so wrong?" she asks herself.

 "'I'm wide awake. Yeah, I am born again. Outta the lion's den," she sings. Later, "God knows I tried. Seeing the bright side. I'm not blind anymore."

Also, the co-writer of the song said Perry would be taking a turn from her previous style of music. We'll have to wait, and see.

But in the meantime, I'll stand up for the Truth. My dad's life motto would probably be, "I'm not ashamed of the gospel, because it's the Good News, and who can be ashamed of the good news?"

Well, I can't.

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