Saturday, December 15, 2012

We have the Same Heart

This is a post Ellie and I are going to write. The reason is because we are going to write about us. We're going to talk about our relationship.

Okay, I admit, we do fight some times. Like, sometimes I get mad because Ellie will NEVER EVER take Rudo out in the morning. Ellie gets mad because I don't make my bed and she likes to read on it. (I know it's pretty stupid)  The stupidest thing we've ever fought about is Taylor Swift. I am a HUGE fan over Taylor Swift (her old stuff mostly) Ellie thinks she writes too many love songs.

But, no matter what happens, we always play a fun game at night when we go to bed, expect when we fight about Taylor Swift. I am a writer. So I create plots and Ellie and I (well, mostly Ellie) turn them into funny comedy shows. It's so much fun! We play for about thirty minutes after we go to bed. At night, whenever we're tired and we want to go bed, we play just a little bit, we always stay up later than we plan.

Our parents complain about us being too loud. Ellie sometimes gets mad at me because I start to play our game while Ellie reads. (Yes, Ellie reads only when she's forced to) Sometimes she gets mad at me because I am addicted to listening to music on our computer. But no matter what happens, we always make up. I guess it's in our blood. We never stay mad at each other for long.

So she is my closet friend, I must admit. Even my best friend doesn't know some things that she knows. (Which isn't much) Ellie thinks the same. (See, we think like each other as well)

This sums up our friendship in a song. Another thing we share is we both LOVE Shake it Up! I'm more like Rocky and she's like Cece. (Even though she likes Rocky much better)

Sarah and Ellie.

P.S We love the X Factor. Demi is awesome! Remember to vote for Fifth Harmony next week.

"A friend loves at all times." Proverbs 17:17

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