Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How Love Works

Selena Gomez is a one of those Disney girls. She got her big break starring in the very popular kids show, Wizards of Waverly Place. Then, she founded a band called The Scene, which later become known as Selena Gomez and the Scene. Her debut album was titled Kiss and Tell. I must admit though the title song wasn't bad, the album wasn't the cleanest. Most of the songs are Selena saying to her ex-boyfriends. "Look at me! I don't need you anymore! I am way better off without you!"

Most of the songs say stuff like that, but actually, 'Naturally' doesn't. 'Naturally' is the album's most popular song, as well as the second and last single.

'Naturally' is pretty much the exact opposite of a breakup song. It's upbeat and sweet, but you have to be careful about these kind romance songs, especially when if it's called, 'Naturually.'

'How you chose to express yourself/It's on your own/And I can tell/It comes naturally' the song begins. "And it takes my breath away... what you do so naturally."

I could relate to that line. If any of you have  had a crush, I'm sure you've felt that special feeling. Not that it's a bad thing. In fact, a girl's attractive to a boy and a boy's attraction to a girl is a gift from God. It's how He made us. But... attractive to the opposite gender can lead to sin, so what really matters is how you deal with this attractive.

"You are the thunder and I am the lighting... it comes naturally when you're in with me, baby." Well, what does thunder and lighting lead to? Rain. I wonder what '

Overall, this is a very sweet song. Selena describes it as: "two people who have a connection with each other so they don't really have to force the feelings - they're just there." That is pretty innocent, I suppose.  But natural love isn't sinful. Love at first sight isn't even sinful. But when it comes to concept of dating, what love can lead to is sinful.

So.... what can make love work?

Well, the most important thing is Christ. He's the reason love is here. But even two Christians that have a relationship can make mistakes. So does love really work?

God tells us about a very special thing. It's commitment. Commitment is one of the most important things you need if you want your relationship to last. Because... let's face it. We all make mistakes and there's going to be times we don't love the person in our relationship. But it's our commitment that keeps us going.

So, while natural love is sweet, the key to make it work is commitment.

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