Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blown Away... in a Bad Way

Carrie Underwood is a country-rock singer who got her big break when she was the first country singer to win American Idol. Her strong and beautiful voice has won the hearts of millions. She is also known as a Christian as well. Her very first single from her first CD was a Christian song, titled 'Jesus, Take the Wheel'. It told a story of a lost young woman who cried out to God to take over her life while driving to her parents' house. She even made her film debut in the inspiring Christian movie, Soul Surfer, portraying a youth group leader. Even though she had a few rough sports, her songs were very clean. She has shown herself to be a Christian.
Until 'Blown Away' that is.

'Blown Away' is Carrie's latest album, make that her darkest and dirtiest album, is very popular and successful. Not the say that the album is all bad. It has it's good points, (including the sweet song, 'Forever Changed', and the love song to God, 'Who Are You') but a few tunes tell a deep, dark story that you would never think a Christian would release.

The second single and title track of the album, 'Blown Away' is one of those dark tunes. It tells the story of a tornado and a girl with an abusive father that meet at just the right place and just the right time.

"Dried lighting flashed across the skies," Carrie's never failing voice sings. "Those storm clouds gathered in her eyes. Daddy was a mean old mister/Mama was an angel in the ground."
Then, she hears that there's a tornado in town. It's just her and her dad in the house. She's angry at her father, who just happens to be sleeping on the couch, unaware of the danger that is just about to surround him.  What does she do then?

Well, most girls would pray to God to keep the the twister away from them, their house, and their family. (well, if they prayed at all) That's the most reasonable thing to do, right? And what does she do?

This hurting, angry daughter prays for the tornado to destroy the house and her mean, abusive father. "There's not enough wind in Oklahoma/To rip the sins out of that house/There's not enough wind in Oklahoma/To rip the nails out of the past," she prays.

Now that's drama.

In the second verse shows more anger and bitterness. "She locked herself in the cellar/Listening to screaming of the wind/Some people called it taking shelter/She called it sweet revenge."
Wow, how intense! How dramatic! How evil! how... dark.

"Shatter ever window till it's all blown away!" she cries in the chorus. ".... 'Til there's nothing left standing/Nothing left of yesterday/Every tear-soaked, whisky memory blown away!"
In the end, well, in the music video, the girl gets her wish. What does she do after that? She gets out of the cellar and walks into a beautiful grassy field with her little dog.

This song, though mostly horrible, makes a true statement. There are abused kids out there who are suffering at the hands of the people who are supposed to love and care for them the most. Kids do have feelings and feelings go a long way, even in the middle of a tornado.

But  that does not justify her thoughts or prayer. Even though she never really killed her father, she was very angry with him. "But I tell you that that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to the judgement," Jesus says, in the sermon on the mount.

So our angry can cost us. I guess I was a 'blown away' by this song, but not exactly in a good way. "Be angry and do not sin." As I've learned, anger without a cause is never worth it.

Suggestions for the next song?

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