Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gold or God?

In case some of you don't know, Britt Nicole came out with a official music video for 'Gold.' I don't know why, but she hasn't posted on Youtube yet, so I can't put it here. Before you read this post, watch the music video at

Now.... assuming that you have watched the music video, you must be like, 'Is that Christian or secular?" (Well, that's what I was like after I watched it) I have to admit this music video is somewhat a disappointment. I really hopped Britt Nicole would try to point to Christ if she made a music video for it. Because, really, the message is somewhat decieving. Because it doesn't talk about Christ, people who are not Christians, could be deceived and think that this is just another self-esteem song, but I think Britt meant it to be much more than that.
She meant it to inspire people to see ourselves how God made us, instead of seeing ourselves as complete mistakes.
But without Christ, we are not even worth more than dirt! The song alone does not say that. "It begins with man and ends with man," my dad said about the song.
The video reminded me of 'Firework'. (without the really bad part) only cleaner. Now I would ask you. Where did this 'gold force' suck those neglected kids in? In a place, where they could fit in. In a place where they were recognized by other people as creatures that actually matter. In a place where they were liked.
But do we really need all that?
Of course those things are nice, and a lot of poor kids lack those things. But all we really need to survive is God? Not gold. This video has so much self-esteem, it misses what really matters.
What I'm trying to say here is the video seemed so decieving, in a way. It was so self-esteem-like, it just pushed out what makes us worth more than gold. Without Jesus, Britt couldn't sing this song because it wouldn't be true. Without Jesus, we aren't worth anything.
This video has so much self-esteem, it misses what really matters. Friends, , love, and popularity are NOT what really matters. We don't need any of those things.
What we need is Christ, and I'm sorry to say that this video did not present that.
We don't need gold, we need God. We need Jesus. Gold isn't as important as God.

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