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Today I'm posting my Friday Reflection.

This Week's Verse

Tessa's Questions

List specific ways that you can stay "connected to the vine".
Like what Tessa suggested in her reflection, I think I need to pray to God in times of trouble. I need to not only pray  when I go to bed, but when I especially need Him. Usually, I go to pleasures that will not last, like music. But Jesus  constantly have to remind me that He is  the only One who is my unfailing Friend. He's always there, even when I'm sinning and he continues to stay faithful to me when I'm not faithful to Him.

Do you often find yourself facing the challenges of life on your own rather than through God's?
Often when I go through challenges I don't call on God. So yes. I know God does everything for a reason, but my own unbelief keeps me from calling on him. Sometimes I would rather go with something that lets me forget for a only a  moment, instead of relying on Jesus' everlasting comfort.

What is the biggest struggle you face in following God's teachings?
Underestimating what God can do in my life. I don't know why I want to go to other things when I can go to Him. When I get lost in the moment, I forget all He has done for me in the past.

Describe a time when God gave you something that you had prayed for.
My dad preaches once a month at a chapel at an assistant living center. One time, our computer was broke and he gave it to a friend to fix it. We were afraid that we wouldn't get it in time. We prayed about it and soon after, we found out that our friend had fixed our computer!

Discuss your own reflection of this Scripture (as I did above -- at least one paragraph).
God has a lot of amazing traits, but probably one that stands out the most to us is his grace and mercy. He never leaves our side, even when we continue to fall Him. Often, we don't remain in Him, but sticks with us. My piano teacher's bluegrass band covered a song call. 'He's Holding onto Me.' The main lyrics were: "I'm not holding onto Jesus/He's holding onto me/He died and rose again/To set me free." Those lyrics are so true.

Many sources tell us that all we need to do is follow our dream and believe in ourselves in order to do what we wish. But Jesus said, "But without me, they can do nothing." Sometimes I daydream about things I've always wanted to do. That's fun  every once in awhile, but this verse reminds me that without God I can't do anything that will be worthwhile.

Of course, we won't remain in him all the time, but He gives us grace and mercy. More than that, he proves to us of His love and faithfulness.

Here's one of the songs Tessa linked to on her reflection. I just listened to it... and it's amazing!
Cause I am a sinner
If its not one thing its another
Caught up in words
Tangled in lies
You are the Savior
And you take brokenness aside
And make it beautiful

'Brokenness Aside'- All My Sons and Daughters

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