Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Minutes Challenge

Monday Minutes Challenge. (Click on the link!) I'm writing a story based on this picture. 297 words.

My hand grasps tighter on the burlap fabric that keeps me from losing my balance. Drops of water wet my toes. I’m careful not to let the swing shake. The sunlight reflects off the lake, making me glad I pinned up my hair today. I hate it when it gets in my face.

“Elina!” his light voice calls. A rustling sound comes from the trees as he appears, pushing the branches out of his way.

“How’d you know I was here?”  My head turns and the swing moves slightly.

“You’re always here.” Aiden’s straight face spreads into a smile. He takes a step closer, letting his hood fall off his head.

I notice his brown hair that is now clearly seen without the hood. “You ought to stop wearing that. I’m surprised you’re not burning up.”

His smile fades before his eyes drop to the ground. “You know why I have to,” he whispers.

“No one cares about that now,” I insist. I make a point to stare at him until he looks at me.

I do.” Our eyes meet. A feeling of guilt hardens my chest. I look back and pretend to make sure my dress isn’t in the lake.

“Well, I came here to tell you something.” He puts his foot in, causing a little splash.

The thought that still haunts me comes back. “Is this about your dad?” Please no, God, I pray silently.

“It’s not about anything Dad did,” he says immediately, not assuring me. “He told me yesterday.”

I scoot to the left of the swing. “What?”

 “We’re moving.”

A flood of thoughts entice me. Without thinking, I let go of the ropes.  My legs shoot up from under me. For a second, I feel nothing. Then water shoots from all directions.
Hope you like it!
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  1. Love it, Sarah!! =D Good job!! =)

    tw wright

  2. Oh gargoyles, I loved it!



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