Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Monday Minutes Challenge

Here's my entry for this week's Monday Minutes Challenge. To enter and read everyone else's amazing entries, chick here.

I am doing the prompt based on this picture.

The sky darkens. Thoughts flood my head.  We’re not going to make it.

His voice keeps me going. “Run!” Just am I’m to look back, he grabs my hand. “Keep moving!”

I open my mouth to speak, to tell him that it’s hopeless. An eerie sound captures my attention. The sound of birds, familiar birds. It pounds in my ears. I realize the truth. It’s calling to me.

I pull away from him. That sound. I hate it, but I must go.  No one can stop me. I peer upward.  Black birds soar towards a black hole in the sky. They screech haunting sounds. I almost trip over my gown as I run. The grass withers. My red hair flies up in front of my face.

Drops of sweat wet forehead. I keep running. Even now, my old life has a tightened grip on me. I can’t escape them. Surrendering to the dark is all I can do to survive. My eyes lock on the black hole.

The grassy ground is now rough. I look straight ahead. I’m running towards the edge of the cliff.

The wind pushes against me. My bare feet stop at the edge. But I lose balance. My hand turns white at the sound of my own scream. Still, I grasp on to the rocky edge as I hang in the air.

There is no hope. No one will save me now. Jacob is gone. He’s smarter than to go after me. I need to fall now. This is my fate. To be controlled by the darkness, a darkness that is the end of me. Words come to me, his words. “Sometimes survival is not worth it in the end.”




  1. Awesome, Sarah, I really like it! =D Good job!

    TW Wright


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