Saturday, April 26, 2014

I'm An Outcast

I’m an outcast, my emotions driven.

Made one wrong move and now I’m hidden

Too scared to speak against the pressure

Now I’m broken beyond measure.

I try not to cry ‘cause I know it’s weakness

You betrayed me and I thought I deserved it.

But I can no longer hold it in.

Darkness wins, and I cut my skin.

Hear your words piercing my heart.

Hit the center with your darts.


I’m an outcast, time has passed

Through the trials, I did last.

But the life has still not come back.

Yet I feel there is something I lack.

I’ll search and try to find it.

And try to ignore my slits.

Hiding in the shell is all I do.

Keep to myself so there’s nothing I lose.

Put my head down, roll up my sleeves 

Like always, going through the routine.


I’m an outcast, and I’m surviving.

Took the punch, but I’m still living.

I stopped believed all you ever said.

Now I’m happy, being myself instead.

The light has come; I’m breaking free.

From the prison walls of insecurity

So now, I’m singing a new melody.

And finally seeing all I was meant to be.

I have scars, but they remind me,

Of the true and loving mercy.

What could finally give me peace,

Was locked deep inside of me.

I let it all out and now I’m full.

The things you hide make you beautiful.

 I wrote this poem a few weeks ago. Though it isn't about me, I relate to the feelings in it. I've in the midst of writing a novel and had a really cliché title to it. But the word 'outcast' rang my mind. So I changed the title to that single word. This word inspired me to write this poem.
I'm obsessed with Frozen. (Okay, that's obvious) Even before I watched the movie, Elsa's 'Let it Go' scene always stuck on to me. I don't agree with the, 'No right no wrong/No rules for me' line, but the basic meaning of the song is so true. We all have a tendency to hide the one thing that makes us special because of fear. This song inspired the last line of the poem.



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