Thursday, April 10, 2014


I know this is really late, but I really wanted to do Friday Reflections this week. To find more about it, click here.

This Week's Verse

Tessa's Questions

Have you ever been tempted to follow the behavior and customs of this world? What was the result?
There are popular young adult series that I've been tempted to read, even though it has content that is sinful. I've always been tempted to watch shows or movies that have stuff in it that I shouldn't be watching. Sometimes I'll read a preview of a book that makes me want to read more.The excitement of the book distracted me from the fact that it had that things that are unpleasing

What is the biggest struggle you face in applying this Scripture to your life?
Sometimes I tell myself what I see won't affect me as long as I remember that it's wrong. But what I see affects my thoughts greatly as I've been experiencing recently.

List specific ways you can put this Scripture into action in your own life.
praying more. I never pray as much as I should and I know that will help my relationship with God.

Have you experienced the reward that comes with following God as opposed to following the world?
Yeah, I don't think anything the world feels comes close to the peace I have knowing that Christ forgives me, no matter what I do.

Discuss your own reflection of this Scripture. (at least one paragraph)
Paul said that Christ has set us free from being slaves of sin. To do that, I have to remember  that Christ is the only one who can do that. He not only changes the way we act, but he changes the way we think. Of course, every once in awhile we'll have a crazy sinful thought that comes from our heart. But because Jesus changed us, instead of wanting sin, we hate it. We'll always sin but because we're different, we'll respond to sin a different way. So now, God has given us a love for purity and good things that only He can give us by His grace.

Thank you, Tessa, for doing the Friday Reflections! I really enjoyed them.

In Christ,

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