Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Monday Minutes Challenge

For this week's Monday Minutes Challenge, I'm continuing my story from the second time I entered the Challenge. Scroll below to read it. I'm using the phrase: "We will never be the same again" as dialogue.  210 words.

"We will never be the same again," I whisper. Our beloved childhood days were behind us. The days when we would race each other through the forest are only memories now. I remember those long walks to school, laughing with him, never thinking it would be more than it was.

He stands in front of me with eyes that were still blue. His smile was the same. That’s how I’ll never forget those days that made us who we are. I grasp the bonnet of flowers in my hand, but his face never leaves me gaze. The words of the pastor seem to be stuck in my head. Promise. Commitment. Until death.

If he wasn’t here, those words would scare me. Since we’re together, the words remind me that I’ll never have to let go till the end. Sure, things won’t be perfect, but they’ll be better than perfect because he’ll be with me through everything.

When we embrace, I whisper, “I’m never letting you get away again, Samuel Peters.”

He laughs softly in my ear. “Oh, Jessica, you don’t have to worry about that.” I wrap my arms around as we kiss.

Yes, we would never be the same.

And I would hate to be anything else.
Here's the old one:

Jessica carefully flipped the page on the photo album that she shared with her best friend. The picture of them together instantly captured her attention. Though it was only a few years ago, so much had changed between her and Sammy. The picture was a reminder of it.

“That’s a good picture of us,” Sammy said as his hand rested lightly on her shoulder. “It seems like that was a lifetime ago.”

She lifted her hand to turn the page, but stopped herself. “I think this was the last one we did.”

“Yeah, I think so,” he removed his hand to take a sip of his tea. “Well, I think I better go. I got a test tomorrow.”

“Okay,” she nodded, getting up and taking her cup to the sink. “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

When she turned, he was already walking to the front door. “That sounds good. Bye.”

“Bye.” She wondered why he left so quickly while she put the cups in the dishwasher. Just as she was about to walk away, she looked at the photo album left on the table.

It was open on a new page, one she didn’t recognize. In the center was a more recent picture of her and Sammy along with a note. “Jessica, I know you’re the one for me because I know I won’t make you happy all the time. But I know without a doubt that you’ll never let go of me. I will do the same for you.  I promise you forever. By God’s grace, I’ll love you until the end.”

Before she could react, she noticed a little box left on the table. She grabbed it and ran to her widow. Happy to his headlights still in her driveway, she ran to meet him.
Hope you like it! Thanks! I want to thank Tessa and all the authors that help judge the contest. I really appreciate you guys. To find more prompts, click here.
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  1. So sweet, Sarah!! =)

    (BTW, I think you meant it was 210 words instead of 2010) =)

    TW Wright

    1. Thanks! And yes, I did mean that. Thanks for pointing that out. lol:)

  2. These are wonderful, Sarah! You are an excellent writer! Wow, both of these stories just swept me in! Keep it up! I will be looking forward to seeing more of your work! =) <3


    1. Thanks, Jessica! That means a lot! Thanks for following our blog!
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