Friday, November 2, 2012

The Truth about Love

I've always admired Taylor Swift because of her willing personality. She can always give love another chance even when it doesn't go the way she want. Even when she just experienced the most ugly breakup in the world, she can give love another chance, like in 'Begin Again.' But of course, it takes awhile as we later learn in the song.

Now  the popular singer, P!nk would think a lot differently. Even though she is married and has a child, it's hard to tell if she's happy when you listen to her new album, The Truth About Love. Believe me, I don't listen to P!INK. I just like looking at the reviews at Plugged In, a Christian review website.

(Warning, I may be talking about P!nk, but trust me, this does not mean I listen to her or recommend her. Because, believe me, she's just another Lady Gaga and Plugged In would agree with me)

The title track is a total mess and very surprising for her to sing, considering that's she married. "The truth about love is that it is a lie." She adds, "The truth about love is it's nasty and salty/It's regret in the morning/it's the smelling of armpits."

Now that's a funny way to describe love. Most popstars as we all know, are obsessed with love. (Especially our friend, Miss Swift)

But the saddest thing is, that love can be like that. We've all felt it. Some people could agree with P!nk. I'm sure all of you people who have divorced parents or have broken up with someone before, know very well that love can be like that.
But that's just the problem. When love fails, it's so sad and we wonder if love is ever real. A line from Carrie Underwood's song, 'Wasted' says, "Sometimes love slips away and you just can't get it back/Gotta face it."

But that's the problem. Love does slip away.

If we rely on love to satisfy us in our relationships with people (marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.), it is going to fail. Because in marriage or in a different kind of relationship, there is going to be times when we're not going to be in love.
So what should we rely on?
Our commitment.
That's the problem with a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. There's no commitment. So it's easy to hurt.
We have to remember our commitment during those times we aren't in love with our spouse because if  everyone relied on love to keep their marriage going, a lot of people would be divorced.
And a lot of people are.

So really, love should not be expected to last, but the commitment should.'
Jesus' love is the only love that never fails and without that, you may find it is very hard to keep a commitment.

P.S. This is all from my Dad. I just added to it.

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