Sunday, November 11, 2012

'Change' will come

This is a song we all need to hear right now. Our evil rulers try to keep us from winning the battle by discouraging us, tempting us, lying to us, and trying to convince us what we believe is wrong. But I tell you that God rules over these evil rulers and has a reason for everything. I know that all of you Christians must be disappointed because of the election.

We must remember that Obama is going to rule for 4 years, but we will be in Heaven forever and ever and ever. Some day Jesus will come back for us and 'change' will come. We must also remember that God has rescued every one of those aborted babies.
We are the servants and must be bold and courageous. Ultimately, we must pray for these  aborted babies. We must try to speak the TRUTH to all of them.

We may never stop abortion  on this earth, but we must remember that God controls all and has a plan. We don't know when we will go to Heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but hopefully it will be soon. All of you striving Christians, I tell you, that it will all be worth it in the end. Jesus has died to save us all, so I tell you: Rejoice! So what? An evil ruler has won once again, but God has already won! He has defeated the devil and prevailed over sin! Every single aborted baby is in Heaven and God has died to save every one of us.
Therefore, since God has loved us unconditionally, we must love all people unconditionally, including our evil rulers. We have to forgive and remember that God died for them.

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