Thursday, October 9, 2014

Where God Has Brought Me

Originally, I was planning on posting a poem that I've been dying to get out, but I can't find the notebook I wrote it in. I need to stop owing so many notebooks. I swear I have so many that I've never actually filled. 

As an alternative, I have decided to write a post I should have written on my birthday.

As a child, I was committed to Christ. He gave me the gift of memorization. I had a knack for memorizing Bible verses. That's a way I became close to God and started to understand him. But I think the most important part in my conversion, other than Jesus, was my parents. They always did all they could to make sure I knew about Jesus and how I could have a relationship with Him. When I understood it, I was baptized.

But years after that, I was drifting away. Of course, I never wanted to tell anyone this. I was still going to church and reading the Bible, but it all seemed dead to me. Last year, I recommitted my life to Christ. It was that time when I realized that nothing compares to Him. Nothing. And that, he truly watches over me.

Every once in awhile, I would get a doubt. A evil whisper in the wind would question all I've ever known to be true. "How can you be sure God is real? What if this is all... for nothing? After all, it can't be proven until you die. By then, it will be too late. If you're wrong, if you believe this until you die, you're taking a risk."

Yes, God can't be scientifically proven. No, we will never see him physically until we die. But since then, I have to come to a conclusion. I do see Him. I see Him everyday.  In His Word, in the stories I hear, in life. If all the stories, if all the "coincidences" didn't happen, I'd question it. The truth is, they do happen. Because I know, without a doubt, that God is real. Every day he watches me. Every day he forgives me. Every day he stays faithful, when I do not.

He finally came through to me and one of my lowest lows. Even then, when I had constantly rejected him, He was watching out for me. Nothing could ever not convince me of that.

Am I a perfect Christian now? No. Is God all love, not caring if we skin, because he'll forgive us anyway? Of course not. But I think, through it all, God will always be with me.

Through this fifteen years, he will continue to be. He got me through my grandparent's death last year. He continues to give me ideas. He gave me the gift of music. I will always be thanking Him. Anything I could do would not equal to His unfailing love.

So I hope you like this post. I would like to share yet another song from one of my favorite artists, Britt Nicole, with Owl City. This song is so beautiful. It captures what God feels for us. It's called, "You're Not Alone."

You rescue me and I believe that God is loving
He is all I need
For these days forth
For all eternity
I'll never wander on my own
For I am yours until you call me home
I close my eyes and I can hear you say
You're not alone
You're not alone


  1. Wow this is really encouraging! I can really relate to what you said about feeling dead, and feeling doubtful, I've felt like that a lot in my life! Yet I always know God is there for me, even when I don't always feel it! Thanks for the encouraging words, just what I needed to hear today! God is using you in a powerful way!! Love your blog, so excited to read more!

    1. Thank you! This is such an encouraging comment:) You are so right. Thanks again. Love your blog and will be excited to read more of it:)

  2. It's so beautiful the way you talk about your relationship with God.

  3. Oh I love this post so much :) I'm so glad you took time to reflect back on how God has been working in your life. A similar thing happened to my relationship with Jesus Christ as well. I participating in Awana at my church, a children's program that focuses on memorizing scripture. However, in about 7th grade, I got sidetracked and didn't really seem to care about strengthening my relationship with Christ. I basically re-dedicated my life to Christ as well, and my relationship has continued to grow over the past two years, even though it has had it's own bumps and twists, yet through it all, God is faithful!
    I'm so glad that you posted this :)

    -Lauren <3

    1. That's an awesome story! Thank you so much! Yes, God is faithful. I think we all have a point in our life when we question our faith, but through it all, God never gives up on us. He's amazing:) Thank you so much for this comment!


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