Saturday, October 25, 2014

THE HEIR and other book-ish things...

Okay guys, I watched to do a quick post to talk about THE HEIR, the fourth book in the wonderful Selection series. When I saw the cover and found out what it was about, I was excited! I will not put the plot thing here because I know some of you guys haven't finished it yet and the back cover gives away... ah-hem... a little something that is answered in The One.

Also, I don't feel right about putting the cover on here. She's wearing a strapless dress that isn't that immodest, but it isn't insisting something I want to post on my blog. She has her body partly turned so you can see a short part of her back. Nothing worse than you would see on Disney Channel, but still nothing I want to post here. BUT, if you do really want to see it, I'll put  the link there so if you want to see it, go ahead. A blog I follow posted it.

 In other news, I used my Kindle gift card to buy four books so far. Unsurprisingly, three of the four books are by Jill Williamson. Rebels, By Darkness Won, and Storyworld First. So far, the only one I've had time to finish is Rebels, but I'm reading By Darkness Won right now and it's awesome.

I did finish the Gallagher Girl series and it definitely is one of the best series I've read all this year. (And I've read some pretty good ones) I can't wait to finish the Heist Society Series and read Ally Carter's new book. I totally recommend her books to any kind of girl who likes interesting, yet girly books. They're great.

I'll quit fangirling and let you go on with your day. Thanks for reading:)

I'm not into The Fault in Our Stars, but this song is so sweet:)

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