Monday, October 27, 2014

How My Original Character Saved Me

This is actually a true story---not made up. But I thought it was interesting enough to tell.

This summer, my dad invited one of the players from his little league and his family over for dinner. I'm going to call the kid Annoying Guy. Before they had come, I was working hard on my new story. (still unfinished) Being little brothers, Danny and Annoying Game managed to sneak up in my room while I was outside to take a look at my computer. Thankfully, I was able to stop them before they could get any farther. But Annoying Guy found the name "Sammy", one of my main characters written on the screen.

For a few weeks, he teased me, saying I had a crush on this unknown person named Sammy. I TOLD him over and over that Sammy wasn't real, just a character in my story. But boys usually don't believe you, do they? I tried to tell Danny to tell him the truth. He knew it as much as I did. Finding the situation funny, he refused to tell him. Typical little brother...

Fast-forward to a couple of weeks later. I was volunteering to help with a local choir camp, along with a few friends. My friend, Crystal, teased about liking another guy, a guy who just happened to be on my dad's little league team as well. To this day, she is sadly mistaken. But my friend would mention it suggestively while he was around. Naturally, I assumed the worst--that the guy thought I liked him.

The evening Crystal had brought it up, we happened to have a baseball game. I walked past their dugout and who happened to be there but Annoying Game. He yelled, "How's Sammy?" I think, at that point, I realized convincing him of the truth was impossible. So I glared at him and continued walking, but watched him.

By a twist of fate, he happened to be setting next to the other guy, the guy who Crystal had teased me about "liking." Annoying Guy nudged him and said, just loud enough so I could hear, "She has a crush on a guy named Sammy."

It took me a second to connect the dots. I knew that Sammy was fictional. Maybe somewhere in his twisted mind, Annoying Guy knew Sammy was fiction. But the other guy didn't. So my problem was solved! Now that guy wouldn't think I liked him!

I found this incredibly ironic so I thought I'd swear it with you. And that's why I thank God for a character, who formed in my mind when I was ten, named Sammy.

So, apparently, I haven't found any good Taylor Swift audios. But I should post my favorites from the new album later this week. One of my favorites is "All You Had To Do Was Stay", "How to Get the Girl," and, "Style." So, look those up. They're amazing!


  1. You made my day! LOL!!!! You have me laughing. This post is awesome. �� it!

  2. Btw Taylor Swift is playing on the radio right now. I don't really like Taylor Swift, but some of her songs I can relate to, especally Mean and We're Never getting Back together. In my opinion The song Mean has to be about the crazy stuck up i'm so perfect chick in World History who I sit by and love, but she degrades me and everyone else who is not popular. She only likes me because of my intense knowledge of history . There are too many idiots at high school

    1. Yeah, I love "Mean." I can think of a few particular people when I listen to the song too. Aw, I'm sorry. Yeah, school is tough. Thanks for commenting!

  3. This is so great! Love it :)
    One time this creepy guy walked up to my friend and asked if she had a boyfriend. And she was scared of him so she said yes. Then he asked her what his name was and she said cannon Reese....cannon Reese is the boy from my story out of darkness that I let her read. I laughed so hard when she told me.

    1. Haha! That's hilarious! I can relate. My best friend was freaking out about this guy, who was dating her friend, that she didn't like. For awhile, I'd have this character that my MC hates named Andrew. Turns out, his name was Andrew too:) Lol.


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