Monday, September 30, 2013

Music Review Monday #4: You're Not Sorry (Taylor Swift)

Today I'm going to review a song by a very popular artist. Can you guess who it is? I'll  giver you  clue. Whenever this person releases a  song, the reaction from the media and her fans is.... "Wow! Okay, what famous celebrity guy is it about this time?"

Do you get it?

Taylor Swift is well known for her autobiography style to her music. She even went as far as saying the name in the song, 'Dear John', (which is probably about her ex, John Mayer) She admitted 'Forever and Always' to be about Joe Jonas on the Ellen Show. I have to admit, though I have loved Taylor Swift ever since I watched the 'You Belong With Me' video, she can be a little mean. I can even understand maybe why she would put the names in the songs, but sometimes, (The Grammys, for instance), she can go a little too far.

Actually, one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs at the moment, is a older song from her breakthrough album, Fearless. Called 'You're Not Sorry', a remix of the song was in CSI episode which Swift guest starred in.

'You're Not Sorry' talk about a relationship which Taylor is sick of a boyfriend saying "I'm sorry," when he hurts her again and again. The song is slow and mostly has piano in it. It's country rock.

"All this time I was wasting/Hoping you could come around," she begins sadly. "I've been giving out chances every time/And you do is let me down/And it's taking me this long, baby/But I've figured you out/And you're thinking we'll be fine again, but not this time around."

That's pretty much the whole song's idea. We learn what he did in their second verse. "You got your share of secrets/And I'm tired of being last to know/You're asking me to listen 'cuz it's worked each time before." She also tells the boy how much she really did love him. "You used to shine so bright, but I watch all of it fade... You can tell me that you're sorry/But I don't believe you baby like I did before/You're not sorry/No, no."

This song is mentioned in her fearless quote. "When someone keeps apologizing for things they'll stop doing, I think it's fearless to say 'you're not sorry.' I think it's fearless to walk away."

Of course, this is a good reason to break up with your boyfriend. If you realize that the guy is doing things behind your back, and he keeps apologizing, yet, he doesn't improve, you should break up with him. But what's sad is that the relationship used to be way different. When parents from a family I knew, broke up, I was sad, mostly because I remember what it used to be. That's one of the saddest parts about any broken relationships.

I was thinking about this song one day, and I thought, 'Wow, how different would we be if God applied this same thing with us?" You've apologized to God for uncountable things. I have What if God thought, "Well, you're not sorry." Then He walked away. The question is: Why doesn't He

He doesn't because he knows our heart. He knows when we're sorry and when we're not. Even when there's a certain time when he knows we're not sorry, but He forgives us anyway and makes us realize it. Why?

Because of Jesus. Because He died for our sins. If you put your trust in Him, He will give you  a new desire for Him. That doesn't mean you'll be perfect. You'll mess up alright. But because Jesus died for us, God can know forgive us. How? By just asking Him. He gives us that desire to change too.

Isn't that awesome to think about? God loves you so much. He'll never let you go, say 'you're not sorry', or walk away. Why? Because of Jesus. Because He is loving, kind, and forgiving.

So Swift was probably being just in her song, but we know of more just message, a message that doesn't bring us down.


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