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Music Review Monday #1 Article: Yours Truly

Love is something.

Innocent love, haunted love, forbidden love. All of it is a popular topic all over the world, especially in music. Sometimes I wish someone would sing about something more. But if it isn't about love, it's about partying. So I suppose I want something that, at least, means something.

 When it comes to music, there's only two options these days. Partying or love. Or you could try a combination of them both. Once in awhile you get a respect-yourself anthem. But I'm getting less and less of that lately.

Ariana Grande is known for her starring roles in Sam and Cat and Victorious. Her single, 'The Way' was very popular and reached #32 on the Hot 100 Billboard charts.

'Yours Truly' is her new album. Featuring many collaborations, it is a love themed, Marey Carey styled, R&B album.

Wholesome Content

The second single, 'Baby I' is  a sweet love song in which Ariana tries to express her loving feelings. In the end, she simply just says 'I love you.' On that note, 'Right Here' is a promise to stay true to her lover. In 'Tattoed Heart', she assures her crush that all he needs to do is love her, instead having money or playing games.

One of the only 'breakup' songs on this album is 'You'll Never Know.' Ariana informs a guy he's too late and now she's got new guy who loves her. In 'Honeymoon Avenue', she longs for to make the next step in her relationship. Still, she has hope. "I know we'll find our way home."

The lead single, 'The Way', Grande commends her boy for getting her heart. The two songs that aren't love songs, are 'Popular Song' and 'Piano.' 'Popular Song' is a triumphant song, in which Grande doesn't let bullies' get in her down. Instead of writing a sad love song, she decides to write a fun, upbeat song on her new 'Piano.'

The only sad song in this album, 'Almost is Never Enough' regrets not sticking through an relationship and wishes it wasn't too late.

Unacceptable Content

A few songs are suggestive. Guest rapper Mac Miller raps, "Your bed feeling lonely/So you're sleeping in mine." Even though Ariana knows the relationship is ending, she still wants to be physical. "Hold on, shut up, and kiss me, baby/I just wanna get a little taste before you go." (Lovin' it)

Instead of confessing her true feelings to her ex-lover, once she leaves him, she decides to party the night away. She also mentions kissing. "I'm gonna say please/Make sure they kiss me." Night is mentioned the 'Daydreamin'. "I don't want to wait for the night." It's a tad bit suggestive.

Since honeymoons do involved sleeping together, and since Grande is not married, 'Hollywood Avenue' suggests towards nights together.

In 'Right There', guest rapper Big Sean takes God's name in vain.


Well, there isn't much to say. You get the picture. Grande is in love. She's happy and in love. That's why I was liked about the album. A lot of artists, including Taylor Swift, can focus a little too much on the bad things about love. Ariana looks at the bright side of things in every one of these songs.

A lot of them did sound the same, and a few songs were suggestive, but overall, I loved this album! Ariana Grande has a beautiful voice. She did a little too high at times, but other than that, the vocals were lovely. The songs were catchy. Though a few rappers ruined the mood, especially in 'The Way', it was great.

Since this album is been #1 on the iTunes since it released last Tuesday, I think, for once, the public would agree with me.


Happiest Song: Baby I
Saddest Song: Almost Is Never Enough
Most Meaningful Song: Popular Song
Best Written: Hollywood Avenue
Most Sexual Content: The Way
Personal Favorite: Baby I/Popular Song

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