Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My AWESOME sister SARAH!!!!

Tomorrow is something really special to me, it's my awesome sister Sarah's birthday she is going to be fourteen. Even though I wish I was older than you and you were turning 13 tomorrow I'm so happy for you Sarah you've been alive for fourteen years!!! My mom would tell me that Sarah would always read to me when I was young, and now instead of her reading to me I'm reading one of her books!! Sarah is a awesome sister and is always encouraging me and loving me. I'm now going to tell a little about Sarah! Hope you like it!!!!

Sarah loves reading, writing, and music. Sarah is happy, and always cranking her typer!! She loves writing stories that are funny, but very meaningful. She loves bouncy across listening to music. Even though her music is loud I love her. Her favorite book authors are Jane Austin and Melody Carson. Sarah is obsessed with

                                                                    Taylor Swift

                                                                           Demi Lovato
Britt Nicole

                                                                         and   X Factor
I have sometimes get mad at her, but want you to know that Sarah I will always love you. Be yourself Sarah you are a great singer and writer. Never doubt yourself cause you beautiful the way you are!!! Some people might not like who you are, but you'll always know that God loves you the way you are. Keep writing and loving God.


  1. Ellie!!!!!!!! U r sooo sweet!!!!! Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Thank Girly Girl!!!! Really glad you can come to Sarah's Party!!!

    2. Me 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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