Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Top 11 things that happened this year

11. We went to a David Crowler concert! (And the funniest concert ever!)
10.   I am finally going to learn this song called 'Sunrise at San Migel'. It's really pretty.
9. My brother had the best Little League season of his life!
8. I got new headphones! FINALLY!
7. Zendaya Coleman signed with Hollywood Records!

5.Even though, this album isn't as good as her others, I'm just glad she came out with one.

And getting to see her LIVE!
3. Britt Nicole came out with a NEW Album and I got to see her live, which, BTW, just happened to be the best concert of my entire life!

2. I turned 13! I am finally a teen!

1. God is still good and he is still giving me grace, even though I could never count all the sins I've did this year.
Oh, and one more: I got this blog!

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