Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Blessings in Life

Life is a labyrinth full of lies, pain, and evil. When a crisis happens, death strikes, or something terrible happens, my main question is, why? I didn’t do anything wrong. Why did this happen to me? Why couldn’t it have happened to my lazy neighbor who hasn’t moved his lawn in years?? I don’t deserve this! Well, for once in my life, I’m right. I don’t deserve what’s happening to me. What I deserve is something much worse, but in our pain, we often question God the most. After all, how are we supposed to trust Him when he just does something like this? If I think about it, maybe He’s just trying to get me closer to Him. Maybe He’s trying to get us to trust Him. In Laura Story’s beautiful song, Blessings, it talks about how we pray for blessings, and when we don’t get them, our stubborn heart hardens towards God. Maybe the crisis that’s happening right now is a blessing. Through my trials, I always end up getting closer to God. I have to remember that I’m never alone. God’s always with me. He’s always standing up even when everything around me is upside down. Life is still a labyrinth, but God will lead us through it, but we can also say that the trials in life are blessings.

(I got the idea for this post from a post on Isabelle R.'s blog, singing4life. I just added my own stuff to it.)

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