Monday, October 22, 2012


Britt Nicole was AWESOME! Ellie, our friends. and I got right in the front! She was so close to us! I think she actually looked at me! She was so pretty. Her dancers rocked! We ended up going backstage and meeting her dancers! They were really nice! Our friends won a 'meet n greet', so they got to meet Britt Nicole! They got a picture with her and everything! It was AWESOME!

I have to admit, the other two bands before her could've done better, but it was all worth it when Britt Nicole showed up! As you could imagine, it was very loud, but totally worth it. She preformed one of my favorites songs from the album, 'Stand' and of course, 'All This Time'. Her dancers were very cool. In 'Breakthough', one of their dancer just came out of nowhere and did a bunch of flips! We met him! The other one, a really nice girl, did ballet during 'Still that Girl.'

God really gave her a gift! If you ever read this, I just want to say: Thank you for giving me the best night of my life!

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