Thursday, October 25, 2012

Living or Dying?

As you already know, I went to the Britt Nicole concert at Mt. Vernon IL. I've already said that I LOVED it! And yes, that's true, but I must say, in truth, The concert overall should probably be rated 3 and a half stars.
Let me tell you why.

Well, Britt Nicole totally ROCKED the house! But the other bands....

Alright, the first band was Royal Tailor. They're pretty cool. I liked their song 'Control.'
But the next band.... I must say that I didn't really care for them.

The craziest thing was how different their messages were. Royal Tailor's song 'Control' says, "A teenage dream is not worth your life."
Then, the next band, Group 1 Crew's last song says, "I would trade every day of the week for the night of my life!"
See what I mean?
That wasn't all. Royal Tailor's song, 'The Death of Me' says, "You're making me new.... this is the death of me."

Yet, Group 1 Crew's song is called 'Live it Up'. It's just about going anywhere and living for the moment.

Group 1 Crew's message is: 'Live it Up!'
And Royal Tailor's message was to 'Die it Up!'

The meanings are simple. We're supposed to die to ourselves when we become Christians. Instead of wanting to sin, we push it away. In Luke, it says, "You must deny yourself and follow me."
Living it up is about living for the moment and having fun all the time. Life is full of problems. Nothing last forever. So let's just go anywhere and do anything we want. After all, it's our life.

These are two very different messages. Which one is the best?
The Bible makes it very clear. "For what profits a man, if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?"
So what do you want to do? Live it up or die it up?


  1. SO true!!! Good insight, Sarah!!! :)

    1. Yeah, my dad started the idea. I just added to it. Thanks!

  2. That's a good way to see it. Royal Tailor is right. I liked Group 1 Crew but I see what you mean about their song Live It Up.


    1. Yeah, even though 'He Said' was okay, I have to admit that many Group 1 Crew songs could easily pass for a Selena Gomez song.


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