Monday, February 2, 2015

You're Amazing and So is Your Blog Award

Hello peoples! I don't know about you, but I am unprepared for this week. However, the game last night, reminded me of life. We get so confident and one mistake can make it all fall apart.

 So you wonderful followers continue to tag me for things and I still fall behind. But I finally found the time to do this tag. Yay! School continues to kill me so I apologize for the less-than frequent posts.

1. Copy and paste these rules on to your award post.
2. Come up with at least 5 fun questions for your nominees to answer.
3. Nominate at least 5 people who you think are amazing and have an amazing blog.
4. List at least one reason why you appreciate the people you nominated.
5. Put this award on your sidebar or award/tag page if you were nominated.
6. Leave a comment on your nominees' blogs letting them know they've been nominated.

The first person I'm going to thank is Bethany from Bright Life by Bethany. Be sure to check out her super cute blog! Thanks, Bethany.

Why do you blog?
I blog because I love words. I love expressing my opinion, creating long and short blog posts, and thinking of original words. I love it even more when people, who I've never met before, take the to comment and encourage me! Thank you guys so much!

A big storm (of snow) and the TV says you are going to be stuck inside for at least three days, so what do you go to the store and buy?
Soup. Have I ever told you how obsessed I am with soup? I'll also go to the library and stock up on books. Next, I might go to Family Video and rent something. Last but not least, ice cream! (Yes, I buy ice cream when a snowstorm is coming. Why is that weird?)

Spring or summer?
Right now, it will be summer. No school. Oh, summer, come back to me! Now I have Olaf's masterpiece  in my head!

Which color? White or black?
I like to wear black more than white, but white is a better color.

Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?
Lord of the Rings. I've only seen two of the Star Wars movies, but even then, it's no contest. Can you believe that Tokilien actually thought of that idea when there was no movies or television? Mind blow!

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, all expenses paid, where and why?
Hmm.... maybe to London. London just sounds like an amazing place.

The next person who tagged me for this is Guinea Pig Lover from Lord's Girl. Thank you so much! Check on her blog:)

What is your favorite junk food?
Cheese crackers. I can't get enough of those. I usually munch on them every morning.

Are you a tomboy or girly-girl?
In the middle. Shopping for clothes bores me extremely, but swimming in a pond doesn't attract me either. So I guess I'm a little bit of both.

What is your favorite post you have done? Link it here:
I really liked The Ticking Monster post that I wrote this year, but I also enjoyed writing my Ten Favorite Fictional Heroines.

If you only had one hour to live, where would you live it?
What a thoughtful question! But always home.

Comfortable, or uncomfortable fashion?
Usually, I prefer comfortable, but even when it's not, I tend to forget about it.

The last person who tagged me for this is Maddy from Digital Diaries. Thank you so much, Maddy! The link to her blog is up there:)

When did you start this blog?
June of 2012, I believe.

Your favorite school subject?
Anything that has to do with writing and reading. Literature.

What is your dream vacation?
In the USA, Disney World, but worldwide, Europe.

Your favorite book?
No. Please don't. My favorite book I read this year is, by far,  The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riodarian! Ah, that book.

Country girl or city girl?
Both. Those places fascinate me.

Thank you so much for tagging me, guys! I really appericate it!

My Questions:
1. You have one question to ask your favorite author about th
eir books. What is it?
2. Favorite book you've written this year?
3. Movie you're anticipating?
4. If you redo one character death, who would it be and why?
5. Favorite lyric to your favorite song?

I tag anyone who wants to do this! Thanks!

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  1. I'm glad that you did this. :) I LOVE your answers!!


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