Monday, February 9, 2015

Beautiful Words #2

Your kiss, my cheek
I watch you leave
Your smile, my ghost
I fell to my knees.
When you're young, you just run.
But you come back to what you need.

No, I did not write this beautiful piece of poetry. This a segment from Taylor Swift's amazing song, "This Love." I have been obsessed with it ever since I realized how much it related to a relationship in a trilogy my friend and I are writing.

I'm finally reading To Kill A Mocking Bird, which is extraordinary. AND tomorrow, I hope to pick up All Fall Down by Ally Carter. Yay, I finally get to read that book! I'm beyond excited.

What's going on in your life? We are four months away from summer, students. It's getting closer! Now I'm off to practice my speech. Can't wait to get that over with.

Thank you for reading:)


  1. What's going on with my life? Well, other than school, I've been listening to 1989 on repeat so those lyrics you've typed are being sung in my head right now. I'm also reading this amazing book called All Fall Down ;)

    The Life of Little Me

    1. We are doing the same things! I still have 1989 checked out and have listened to it dozens of times. And I just started All Fall Down and it is AWESOME!


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