Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Month Recap

Hello peoples! Thank you so much for having patience with me, as busy as I am. So, wanting inspiration, I've decided to start a write a month recap on my life. I'll post some of the books I've read this month, what songs I've listened to, and what I have written.

This month was the snow month I have been waiting for! It finally snowed. Where I live, the only time it hints to snow is after it rains. But a few weeks ago, we actually got seven inches. It was so beautiful! I love how snow can make a muddy place like our town beautiful.

During February, I read:
Angel Eyes (Shannon Dittermore)
Cinder (Marissa Meyer)
To Kill A Mocking Bird
All Fall Down (Yay!)

As you can see I read, a few great things this month so I'm having a hard time picking out which was my favorite. But, To Kill a Mocking Bird, was so unique and intriguing in a wonderful way. On the other hand, All Fall Down was everything I wanted it to be and more. I also loved Cinder too.
Least favorite: Probably Angel Eyes. The writing was good, but I had some problems with the theology aspect of it.

I Listened to:
Ella Henderson's debut album, Chapter One. (This album is probably one of the best things I've heard this year!)
Reflection, Fifth Harmony. I've followed Fifth Harmony for a long time. Some of these songs got on my nerves, but there were a few good ones.
1989... because that is one of the best musical things that happened to me:)

I Wrote:
The Secret of Winteress, the first book in the trilogy I'm writing with my friend. We are 150 pages and over 60k into the thing. About 10k more and it will about it will be the longest thing I've written.
On this blog, I wrote about clich├ęs, love, and pretty words.

Next Sunday, I'm going to the Roadshow Tour, which is going to feature Jamie Grace, MercyMe, Crowder, and Matt Maher! I'm so excited!:)

I hope I didn't bore you too much. What did you do this month?


  1. Oh! I was just thinking about reading to kill a mockingbird because my date likes it.
    Take our snow! I don't want it, haha.
    Wow! Great job on all the writing.

    This month I started a job (this month meaning today), gave up giving guitar lessons, got a phone and a checking account, and went on my first date. :)

    1. You should! It's awesome! Thanks, half of it wasn't me. I am getting a little sick of the snow. Wow, it sounds like a lot happened to you this month! Good luck on the job:)

  2. Didn't you love To Kill A Mockingbird? It was such a wonderful book! I can't wait for the prequel to be published later this year...did you hear about that?

    1. Yes, it was amazing! Yes, I heard. I'm so excited:)

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